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How to Have a Positive Mindset 
More Often Than Not

“Gratitude is one of the sweet shortcuts to finding peace of mind and happiness inside. No matter what is going on outside of us, there's always something we could be grateful for.” ~ Barry Neil Kaufman

Being positive does more than just uplift your mood it is also highly beneficial for your emotional state of mind, physical health and well-being. Just as positive thinking has a direct impact on the body so does negative thinking, it weakens the immune system, causes emotional turmoil, ruins relationships and even causes weight gain.

Eva Ritvo, MD, vice chair of the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Florida and co-author of The Beauty Prescription, says that positive thinking improves your mental health and reduces stress. 

"When you are optimistic, people are attracted to you. This leads to healthier relationships, more success, and decreased emotional stress. And of course, we know that emotional stress can lead to physical illness."

Negative thinking increases stress which increases inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a huge culprit in aiding to illness and disease. As another expert, Debbie Mandel, author of Addicted to Stress, states "Positive thinking reduces inflammation, which is a byproduct of stress. It is important to reduce inflammation because it stands at the root cause of disease and plays havoc with your thinking."

The First Step to Improved Healthy & Wellness

Having a positive mental attitude about life is the first step to improve your health and well-being. Having thoughts and feelings of love, gratitude and forgiveness will create a positive atmosphere for your body which will shift energy frequencies into attracting and becoming that which you wish for in addition it aids the body in healing physically and emotionally.

By having a positive mental attitude and letting go of negative self-talk your body will feel more energized, it will heal faster, it will release fat easier and it will crave healthier foods. And best of all, you will be happier and more carefree! Feel good feelings will alter your energy frequency into a much higher state of being which will directly affect each aspect of your life in dramatic ways.

By having admiration for your body as though it was a third person it will increase in all aspects of health, you will be feel more energized, you will be able to think more clearly, you will be emotionally balanced, you will be able to burn fat faster and you will become healthier and more in line with your higher-self.

Having a positive mindset is one of the most powerful things you can do to create your life and body of your dreams. Become the person you want to be by loving everything about you as you are now and let go of resentment and forgive those, including yourself, that have harmed you in anyway.

Always remember, that what you think about you will surely bring about--so think positive, happy thoughts to create a joyful, abundant future filled with love, joy & everlasting happiness. So decide today to have a positive metal attitude. YOU deserve a better way of life. 

Let go of all the fears of the future to embrace the abundance that is already in you now. YOU are perfection in the truest form just as you are now. Only the corruption of the mind by living in a state of worry and stress can take that away. 

The Power of Being Positive

Did you know that it's easier to think negative thoughts than to think positive thoughts? That is because the mind is always in protection and survival mode. Seeing the negative shows danger signs which edifies the brain’s natural defense mechanism brought about by scared thoughts, which if experienced and accepted often soon becomes a belief. 

Having an optimistic mindset can stop the negative beliefs in its track! Let go of negativity by seeking or that which you want to see. We all tend to complain much more so than talking about our success.

Often we feel as though we’re being vein if we boast about our achievements, if you do so to put others down and to feel superior then you’re right—you are being prideful and that’s a low energy of which you do not want to have.

Instead focus on achieving success by living in harmony with your hearts desires. A successful person does not have to go around exclaiming all that they have accomplished, that only reflects self-doubt and low self-worth which is highly unattractive.

You don’t have to announce you’re successful; rather show your accomplishments by your actions not by our words. When you is in harmony with their higher-self and living intentionally you will become more humble and yet highly empowered. We don’t have to try to express what you've accomplished to other as to try to be known as being great because greatness radiates from within.

To become optimistic you must learn to love yourself fully for all that you are now.  When you love all that you are you will come to believe and trust in God's ability to assist you in creating your dreams. 

We have been blessed with the gift of free agency. We get to choose what we want to be, do and have in our lives, but only if we consciously decide to look for the good in life and to believe that life really is so good! 

In today's world with all the news and press about the negativity that is in the world it's easy to unknowingly allow the fears of society engulf your mind leaving you fearful, stressed and fatigued. By choosing to be positive it will open your heart to see the good in the world and in people. 

Choose to be HAPPY!

You have the power to chose to see the silver lining in your life experiences. When negative situations come up visualize the negativity flowing through you rather than sticking to you. Your mind is the vessel to see and be positive.  You don’t have to soak up others negative energy or hold on to negativity, just let it go.

If you have friends that are habitual energy suckers let them go too, it’s not fair to give your energy away all the time. You deserve to be happy and vibrant in all that you do, including having good friends that love and support you.  

Focus on all the good in life, each and every experience has something to be learned by and to grow by, it’s just a matter of looking at the “bright side” of your daily experiences. 

Life always reflects back to us that which we believe deep inside our minds.  So what is your life mirroring back to you? 

Take time to reflect on what you are experiencing now and what you can do to change your mind-set to create and attract back to you a better and happier future. 

Ponder and reflect or meditate when you are when you are in happy and at peace, this will enable you to connect with your high-self which will open the way to communicate with your heart and mind, thus, balancing the body, mind and spirit.

Doing so with shift the neurons pathways in your brain from that of lack to that of immense abundance, remember, you are a spiritual being, allow your higher-self to lead your way, trust your intuition and then take the inspired action by taking action. As the familiar saying goes, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." Do yourself a favor, and drink "life" in!

You deserve all the happiness, health and wealth as you were created to be. So believe in your magnificence and choose to have a positive attitude to create a happier more fulfilling life in all areas of your life.

Laser In On Your Goals

Focus on what you goals and dreams as though you were living your that which now to reprogram your brain by identifying your negative thoughts and replacing them with five to seven positive thoughts to defuse that memory, pretty soon you will have no emotional pull to it. 

You will feel free and filled with joy! Being positive and seeing your life positively than you will activate the neural resonance in the brain, then you will have connection and cooperation with all you need to manifest your dreams.

Focus on your goals each day, see yourself as you desire. Learn how to release the desire to react and allow yourself to reflect on your inner emotions to be able to act consciously. If you try to fight negative emotions you will be stuck try your energy, leaving you lifeless in spirit and desire. 

Learn how to consciously choose your thoughts by practicing it having a positive mental attitude you desire which will allow your brain to work optimally in attracting that which is needed to bring your dreams to fruition.


Believe in all that you are.  You are an amazing human being. You were created to become all that you desire to be including having a life filled with joy, love, and happiness. Believe in your innate abilities to create.  Trust God by walking in hope and faith daily. When you are blissful when you are master of your mind.  

Embrace life to the fullest by loving and serving others in need, share a smile and allow your heart to lead your way.... And believe that the BEST is yet to come!  

This coming new year fill your mind with positive thoughts to enable you to create and manifest your dreams. You are deserving of all the happiness your heart longs for... and much, much more. 

~Carol Whitaker


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