Live Skinny Now Guest & Sponsored Guest Blogger Post Requirements
Thank you for your interest in wanting to write for my blog! I love to have Guest Blogger articles on my site! My blog is to empower, uplift, and inspires readers around the world. All guest blogger will be promoted on my social media sites. 

Once approved, please be sure to include a headshot and short bio with your article upon submission if desired. Also, include any images you would like to be in your post -- all posts need to have at least one image (with image credit).

Please read the requirements below to be a guest blogger before submission of your article. Please allow one week for your article to be reviewed and accepted. 
Live Skinny Now Sponsored Guest Blogger Requirements
  • Blog topics: health, nutrition, wellness, fitness, meditation, yoga, confidence/self-worth, mindfulness, gratitude, happiness and body/mind/spirit.
  • Must be willing to link your guest post on your favorite social media sites.
  • Well-written and high-quality original article. MUST be edited for grammatical errors prior to submission.
  • An article that reflects the writing style and tonality of the Live Skinny Now blog.
  • We follow Google's guidelines for guest blogging, articles that are aimed at intended as a link building scheme will be rejected.
  • References for data, quotations, and other third-party content must be referenced in the article.
  • Article(s) need to be submitted in Word document with any image files intended to be used attached separately.
  • We retain the rights to refuse or accept any blog post submitted. 
  • The Live Skinny Now Guest Blogger team reserves the right to adapt your guest blog post content as we see fit.
  • Please email your blog post ideas and a sample of your work to info(@)carolwhitaker.comOnce your article is approved, your blog post will be scheduled to go live 7 to 14 days following approval.
  • Want to be a monthly blogger contributor? I am accepting experts' articles to be posted monthly. If you are interested in being an expert writer for our blog email me at  info(@)  I would love to have  you a member of our blog team! 
 To your happiness, health & success!  Xox

Carol Whitaker 
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