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Client Rave Reviews

 “Hands down the most effective coach I have every worked with! Carol has an amazing capacity to get right to the heart of the issue in the most caring and insightful way. She is my GO-TO coach whenever I need support. I recommend an ongoing relationship with her for anyone looking to live in a more authentic, peaceful and joyful way.” -Anne. L.

“Carol is a gift. She helps you locate those issues that are holding you back and clear them all the way to a cellular level. I am finding more joy in my life everyday thanks to her assistance. And now that my emotional and spiritual side is improving, she is helping with my nutrition and exercise. She is the best!” -Carol D.

“Carol is amazing! She helped me so much. Thanks to her coaching, I was finally able to let go of fears I had been holding onto for years. If you need life coaching and want to see results, Carol is the best person for the job!” -Jennifer K.

“Carol has inspired me to create an empowering life. By giving me the tools to live life to the fullest by radically changing the way I invest my time and energy. She is an extremely passionate person who wants to teach people to learn and achieve more in life and at work. I strongly suggest working with someone like Carol.” -Susan H.

“Carol has helped me to embrace and overcome my emotional obstacles and most importantly, to realise that I can make/allow myself happy and be happy whenever I can. She is such a source of positive energy and great inspiration for my life.” -Xiaofang S. 

"Dear Carol, I want to express my gratitude for you and the love and support you have shown me in our interactions since I have known you. My transformation would not have unfolded as perfectly as it has without your assistance in helping me to learn to love myself. I am really understanding now how my life has been a reflection of me not remembering the truth of who I am and having been caught up in a mentality of lack and separation. I’ve made peace with my childhood as a result of your help and am starting to see the beautiful child reflecting back at me when I look in the mirror. I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed and I treasure a continued friendship. You are a true servant of God’s love and compassion." - Amy

"I have had the pleasure of working with Carol Whitaker and I have been really impressed!  Carol has a knack for getting right to the root of things and focusing on the meat and potatoes of an issue, rather than all the fluffy stuff.  I have come to a place in my life where I am living in peace and harmony and have really learned to be gentle with myself and patient with the process of transformation. Carol is authentic and transparent, which makes her believable and real.  She has a huge heart and a caring spirit, which is a great combination for a coach. During our sessions, I feel as if we are collaborating, rather than feeling like I am being lectured.  Bottom line is - CAROL CARES!!!" - Stephanie Blackbird

"I have had so much success since working with Carol. She is always positive and the suggestions she's given me have made huge differences in my success. I have lost 6 pounds and 8 inches in the two weeks I have been working with Carol. Carol's workout and eating plans are simple yet extremely effective. Carol has helped me with accountability but always helps me feel encouraged. Thanks for helping me Liv Sxinney Carol!!"  - Debi Larsen

"Hi Carol,

I just thought I'd let you know that my first week on LivSxinny I lost 21 inches! I am loving it and by the looks of it, it loves me too!" ~Cathleen Spacil

 I" have been drinking Liv SXinney for 5 months and have never felt this good in my life. I drink it ALL day long. I LOVE the CRave and keep in with me where ever I Go. I have lost 17 pounds and 35 inches. I lost an inch off my NECK??? WOW!! I lost 6 inches around my ribcage and 5 inches off my waist!! WOW!! What else can I say??? I Love SXinney water!! I take ALL 5 products and wouldn't dare go a day with out them. I don't think I will ever get sick again. I am 50 years old and feel SUPER FANTASTIC!! I am going to be stronger and healthier at when I turn 60. I am looking forward to it!! Always Zxoomin' and Lovin' every minute of it!" - Kellyann Shepherd-Hiatt

"Carol and I have been friends on the Internet for several years. She encouraged me to loose weight and keep the pounds off. Carol supported me from afar as I cared for my dying wife. With as many Internet and personal friends Carol has, it amazes me how she has time to comment on my comments about her horses and coaching business. She has never asked me for a cent, yet I have received her words of wisdom and professional advice which is mostly on target. Carol loves God, her family, her horses, and the many friends she has made in her business and the social network. She serves as a role model to this aging man she has befriend across the country. I am very proud of this working professional woman."
 - Alan Poland, Wilmington, DE

"Good morning! I don't know if you even remember me... but I came to see you one day to get some advice on healthy living and help to lose weight....You set me up with some guidelines and a notebook to write in everyday... You are an amazing person and such an example to those around.... I have been doing great with the eating and actually have lost 94 pounds!!! since I saw you and know we took some pictures of me before... anyway... I cried and cried after I saw them when you forwarded them to me and now I am a completely different person... I am 7 sizes smaller... Hope all is well... have been following your blog. I really appreciate you and the person you are. I will never forget all you taught me in that short time we visited... I still work on my gratitude journal and am actually helping other people lose weight too... I think of your positive attitude often and about talking up my husband and children! THANKS AGAIN! I so appreciate and love you! Hope you have a great 2011... I know this will be the first year that I don't have weight loss as my new years resolution... thanks to you! I will work on getting my house orderly and becoming a better, more patient mother to my four little ones... :) God Bless you! And thanks so much! I am greatful to have found you! THANKS AGAIN CAROL! You are truly god sent! Thanks"
- A. C. 

"I have had so much success since working with Carol. She is always positive and the suggestions she's given me have made huge differences in my success. I have lost 6 pounds and 8 inches in the two weeks I have been working with Carol. Carol's workout and eating plans are simple yet extremely effective. Carol has helped me with accountability but always helps me feel encouraged. Thanks for helping me Liv Sxinney Carol!!"  - Debi Larsen

"I joined the twelve week, LivFit Transformation Club the 1st of March. I joined because I had reached at plateau with my weight loss. I am 73 years old and have many health issues at my age. Daily excercising was not one of my habits. I believed eating at the same time everyday was important . The LivFit Transformation helped me to understand it is important to eat small amount of food every three hours plus how to combine my foods to loss fat. Weighing myself every morning help me to keep tract of what I was doing. Writing down what I eat also helped me. I enjoyed the Conference calls and was rewarded with many new ideas re being creative with my foods. I even tried new foods, which I had never heard of before. Carol kept me in line and helped to keep me going, even when I had hurt myself, while exercising, and wanted to give up. I learned I recovered more quickly and it was important not to give up. The end results was a total of 14 inch lost. 2 1/2 inches around my thigh, 2 inches around my hip, mid waist, waist and and 2 1/2 around my bust, 1 1/2 inches around my arm and 1 1/2 inche around my neck. Staying with the 12 week program rewarded me with feeling better,having more energy and I am in better health than I have ever been in my whole life and excercising has kept all my joins moving. I am able to walk for a longer period of time and much straighter.

I am told that I can not make medical claims, but this is what happened to me and you may undestand why I joined the Liv fit Club.

When I started on Liv Sxinney, my blood pressure was extremely high and I was told I would probablly dye during the night, it was so high. My blood presure is now stable since I have lost weight. I had pain in my kidney which has been bleeding for 30 years. I have had no pain in my kidney for one years, since I have changed my eating habits, excerised and drank Liv Sxinney.. But, during the twelve week period, the Doctor had given me a drug which I had a sever reaction to and the pain in the kidney was overwhelming. It took me several days to get back on track. Carol encouraged me all along the way. I really miss the calls, Carol. It was a special time in my life and it feels good to be thin again. Everyone can see the change in me. It is a great feeling." - Dolores Christie

"Hi Carol,

Thanks for the notice! I wanted to check in briefly to let you know that our 16 week is about to a hault... I have been horrible at turning my stuff in, but I have learned valuable lessons and am feeling WONDERFUL! I posted my after pix on my livfit profile, check out my face!! amazing!!

What I have gotten out of the livfit transformation has ben valuable to my physical and emotional body. I appreciate learning about a different lifestyle that has changed me & my family. I wasn't a horrible eater before, just uneducated about the simple changes that make a difference in our body and how we feel. I have incorporated this lifestyle into my family of 3 kids and my husband. We love to eat healthy, drink our sxinney and enjoy feeling awesome! I don't have my inches tracked, but went down 4 pants sizes in the course of this transformation!! I never thought the shift would happen so fast with how slow my body moved after my 3rd child. I still have work to do on my stomach and some other areas, but I am excited to keep working at my goal size, it helps knowing that I can achieve what I set out to by taking the LIV Sxinney product line and taking action in knowing what will make the difference. This has been a wonderful journey of gaining knowledge & confidence, self growth, love for myself and what I put into my body and best of all... LOSING 18 pds (20, but I put 2 back on recently) and 4 pant sizes!!! Thank you for your love, motivation and leadership to a lifetime of livingfit, healthy and abundantly in anyway I choose! I love you dearly!!" - Jenn Davis

"Hi Carol, I just thought I'd let you know that my first week on LivSxinny I lost 21 inches! I am loving it and by the looks of it, it loves me too!" - Cathleen Spacil

"Hi Carol,
I am now down 11 pounds in 3 weeks. I walk every day now for 45 minutes to 1 hour (started that 3 days ago). I feel so much better and the pounds come off faster. I am watching my body shrink. I have my 5 people signed up under me hopefully they will see the results that I have been seeing, but only time will tell. I am really excited about the product and can't understand why people don't try it on the spot...but then again I laughed at Angie for 3 months. You should have called me and explained everything to me. I wish I had started in March too. Oh well, I am on the right track now." 
- A.E

"I have been taking the sxinny water for about 4 weeks now and would liketo say that my high blood sugars have been dropped to the low 100 range, and have pretty much stayed there. I have lots of arthritis pain in my hands and back and noticed less pain and swelling. I am able to sleep good at night without sleeping pills, and have less headaches.

I am eating less and feeling better than I have felt for years.I do not feel like I am on a diet, I feel satisfied with what I eat, and I have completely stopped drinking soda pop. I think these are wonderful products and am excited to be taking it. these products are all natural and that makes me happy." - Karen E. Larsen

"My name is Irene Berney from Elk Ridge, Utah and this is my Story!
There is No Diet in the Books, I have not tried. Most of the diets I became very successful with, loosing weight, because I focused, and followed the "rules". But after a while, I became a slave of my diet, and an alien from everybody else around me. I became a loner in my lifestyle, with bad results. When I stopped my diets, I quicly gained All my weight back, plus some extra pounds. And Oh dear, how did I hated myself for not sticking to this lonely lifestyle.

I remember those years, living like a yo-yo, and seeking for the next best diet. I have always been very active in sports, so that helped me a little of keeping the excess pounds off, but never found that comfort zone of lifestyle after my 40 TH birthday. My metabolism was going haywire, because of all the different eating styles I added to my daily intake. From No Carbs/Just Protein/Energy Drinks/Soups/Vegetarian/No Meat/Yes Meat/Starvation, and so on.....until 4 1/2 months ago someone walks into my Therapy room........

Grateful for my client, who walked into my therapy room with a bottle with "green stuff". She was very gentle, by saying: just try this. And I adore this lady, and take it very seriously when she brings something for me, with NO JUDGEMENT. Just taste it, she said.
After her CST session, I asked her, tell me more, and what would this "green stuff" do for me? She referred me to her daughter, and said: Talk to her, she can tell you more....................................... so I called Carol, and..........

This was my introduction to LivSxinney water! And now four and a half month's later. ..........I am 38 pounds lighter, and at least over 32 inches smaller!Today I enjoy getting up in the morning and see my happy skinnier face and body in the mirror.

My body is showing shapes and curves again, which I had lost for quiet some years. At my age today, I don't even want to remember what ...was.\

Today I am starting a new lifestyle, DREAMING big DREAMS. Sleeping better, and making goals, for living Healthier and Happier.

Since the last two months, I enjoy exercising each day. Worked with a personal trainer for a month, while I was on vacation overseas. For the first time in my life, I did not have to Diet, and could spend quality time with our family, and grandchildren. The best thing of this trip, my family have seen my changes, and now they are all trying LivSxinney. My family likes to see results first, before you can convince them.

Overall I increased my life with many years, and love so much that my hubby Paul, support and joins me, in our new lifestyle.

We are both excited with our new lifestyle, so we can spend many more healthy years together.
Remember now,...... we are Newlyweds!

This is my Story, and I am sticking to it." 
- Irene B.

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