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Happy Monday! I hope you're off to an excellent start to your day. If you want to change your body and life to that of your dreams then begin by changing your belief system.

Your beliefs and the thoughts you think about most have energy which radiate from you out into the Universe attracting back to you what you feel most strongly about. Essentially your thoughts, feelings and emotions are a preview to your life’s upcoming attractions.

To shift from negative energy to powerful positive energy trust God in all that you do believing He will guide you and protect you as He answers your heart’s desires with great love, joy and abundance. Replace doubt with hope and fear with faith to free yourself from bitterness and emotional pain that has kept your stuck in an emotional rut. 

The more you walk in faith the more miraculous your life will be. Always remember that FAITH ALWAYS precedes the miracle—what your mind believes it surely can achieve.


Create the life of your dreams by living your truth enthusiastically and passionately! Honor your feelings and trust your intuition as you receive divine inspiration from above. 

And as you go about your day do honor yourself by doing what you LOVE to do. The more you are in your happy place or what I like to refer to as your "Happy Zone" the more you are living your truth. By living your truth you will attract back to you that which your heart longs for in great abundance. It's truly a miraculous way to live. 

Keep in mind that if you don't take time to love and pamper yourself and make time for fun then you will become over stressed and anxious as your soul longs for self-affection, self-love and self-respect more than receiving it from others which will keep you from attaining your dreams.  

Make it a point to do what you love each day and to share your love with others too throughout the day. And give thanks for the blessings in your life, you will be surprised just how much more you will have to be thankful for when you do. The more you live your truth the more you will find your world expanding in magical ways!


Love all that you are now to cut the etheric ball and chain that have kept you from moving forward to that which your heart desires. You have divinity within you to create your life experiences intentionally. Believe in your magnificence. Believe in your ability to succeed.

Embrace your inner-power to literally manifest the life and body of your dreams. Then set your intention and "let it go" as you walk in faith knowing that God answers prayers and will lead your way before you as you confidently move forward towards attaining your dreams.

So let go of your limiting thoughts once and for all and enjoy your miraculous journey as you experience more love, joy and abundance in all areas of your life. Believe that God wants what is best for you--always—trust that He orchestrates Universal powers to bring to you that which you have faith in.

As you come to love all that you are and live your dreams love life and in return life will love you back. Believe that life really is GOOD! Then go forward with a smile on your face and a skip in your step as you embrace your innate ability to live your dreams!

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Have a magical day!

Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach, Author, Speaker 
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