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We all were born with a powerful tool of creation—the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is infinite in power and is your greatest tool to create your life on purpose.
Unfortunately many of us constantly complain about life and how difficult it can be but little do we know just how much infinite power we all have within each of us. 

While most of us realize that we have a conscious and subconscious mind few of us truly comprehend just how to harness the powers within to create our lives on purpose with great precision and detail.

When you come to realize just how magnificent your abilities are to intentionally create your future your life will soon become easier, happier, and full of wonder & miracles on a daily basis.

To enable yourself to harness the power of the subconscious you must first learn to think on purpose. To connect your minds, the conscious mind with a deeper level of your subconscious mind, all you have to do is to pay close attention to your thoughts, feelings and emotions you have each day. 

In order to tap into the enormous creative powers of your subconscious mind you begin by thinking positively and by letting go of negativity in all aspects of your life.


The first step to attain the immense treasures that await you hidden deep within your subconscious mind is to release resistance to that which you desire. When you have “doubts” and “fears” of the past, present and future you are in a very low vibration, of which, the positive creative powers of the subconscious mind cannot come forth.

When you constantly focus on the scary aspects of life, your subconscious mind will be focused on being in “high alert” by focusing on saving your life 24/7, you will constantly be in the mindset of “fight or flight” which is a huge road block to the path of least resistance, which is the pathway to success.

If you constantly worry all the time its okay, you can change the way you think, just realize that you have the power to change your thoughts at any moment; you can become the master of your mind. You can overcome negativity that consumes your thoughts by letting go of the past that causes fear within you or the concerns of the future.

You can release negative thoughts by looking for the “silver lining” in each unwanted experiences which caused you to grow and expand to become that which you were designed to be. When you release resistance of the past and embrace the present moment with thankfulness you are in your power. 

By doing so you will be in the vibration to tap into the vast powers of your subconscious mind to intentionally bring your dreams to fruition which I like to refer as being in the vibration of creation.


The second step to tap into the power of your subconscious is to think or say aloud positive affirmationsconstantly throughout the day to create new imprints in the subconscious mind of which to manifest. To tap into your subconscious powers more intensely say over and over in your mind, “My subconscious mind is awakened to bring me that which my heart desires.”

By doing this you are able to create new believes that support your goals and dreams. Realizing that our subconscious minds are, in fact, our greatest tool to creations opens our minds to allowing and receiving that which we desire to accomplish and become. 

Becoming conscious of our subconscious and allowing positive to come to us by releasing resistance that that which is wanted the subconscious mind become sour greatest tool for creation; therefore, peace will fill your heart and appreciation for the many blessings in our lives will become natural.


The third step is imperative to be aware of how our conscious and subconscious minds work together and the roles they play with each other. The subconscious mind has two main functions; the first function is to remind the conscious mind of our beliefs of which creates thoughts and energy vibration which attracts back to us people, circumstances and events which matches our energy frequencies, either wanted or unwanted, it is not a matter of good or bad it always brings back to us experiences which match our most dominate vibrations.

Our predominant thought patterns that reside within us radiates powerfully out into the Universe bringing back to us like things & people to us, it is a universal law, the Law of Attraction.  Like always attracts like, what you think about you bring about, always! So that’s why it is of the utmost importance to think intentionally and to live in the present moment to live in your power and have the powers of your subconscious mind at your command.

Your subconscious mind is not indifferent or bias in anyway. It is not limited by good or bad, right or wrong, happy or sad, it is what you believe most. And it always attracts back to you that which you think about most often.  It has no volition of its own and will simply act upon what resides with your belief system that radiates constantly from you.

Because our subconscious mind has no differencing of opinion it will always comply that that which you think about most. Any habitual thoughts that you have will imprint deeply in your subconscious mind as reality, it cannot differentiate between what is real and what is imagined. 

The imprints of your subconscious soon become your belief system which molds your future before you. This is why affirmations accompanied with visualization of what is wanted by having repeated images play through your mind can have such a powerful effect in our life.


What you think about most often you bring about in all things. By focusing on what you do want with great detail you will sky-rocket your intentions with clarity and faith believing that “what you think about you bring about.”  

Being proactive in using your imagination to create your dreams with images the subconscious mind then acts upon those thoughts and the power of creation will go into action to attract back to you that which your heart desires.


The conscious mind also plays a crucial role in tapping into the power of the subconscious.  The conscious mind though is not as immense as the subconscious it is the gate keeper to access the powers of the subconscious. It is the conscious mind’s role to make sure the subconscious is aware of our habitual thoughts.

When we fully comprehend and allow the powers of our thoughts to intentionally ponder and focus upon our dream our daily thoughts will eventually manifest in our lives in one form or another, most often than not, our dreams will manifest much greater than we ever imagined, but only if we have unwavering faith that what we think about we can surely bring about.


You can change your life by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind. Live your life’s purpose by coming to use the power of your minds with intention and clarity. You have the power within to transform your life & body to that of your dreams regardless of your age or gender it’s never too early or too late to believe in your inner powers to create the life of your dreams.

You can have more love, joy, prosperity and peace in all aspects to live a Ridiculously Happy life!

~Carol Whitaker

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