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"You must intensify and render continuous by repeatedly presenting with suggestive ideas and mental pictures of the feast of good things, and the flowing fountain, which awaits the successful achievement or attainment of the desires." ~Robert Collier

The power of the mind is endless.  When you feel an awakening for something more, embrace it and use mind power to transform your life as well as your body. Using powerful affirmations can literally shift your level of consciousness to that of believing in what you wish for will surely come true.

Today ponder on what you truly wish to change in your life, be specific.  Speak as though you were already living your dreams.  Say a positive affirmation about how magnificent you are each time you see yourself in a mirror or a reflection of you.  When you say your affirmations say them with excitement! Really feel the feelings as though you are living your dreams now!

Always speak and think in the present tense. The more you do this the sooner your subconscious mind will believe your thoughts and feelings as truth.  The subconscious mind does not know the difference between make believe and reality.  That is why you get scared or laugh when watching a movie, the subconscious processes that which you see and think and reacts as though it were real now.  That is why it is vital to incorporate emotion when declaring your powerful affirmations.

The more feelings that you incorporate into your emotions when stating positive affirmations the more your mind will create a belief ~ that goes for all feelings either positive or negative.  Saying affirmations aloud and in your mind throughout the day will skyrocket your goals into fruition. The mind will begin to align your habitual thoughts through the power of energy for that which your heart desires ~ Like Always Attracts Like!

Below are examples of positive affirmations that you can use.  You can also create your own affirmations for each area of your life. Each day reach your arms up to heaven and express your heart felt gratitude for the tender mercies you are blessed with each day, then hug yourself and embrace the warmth and love of Christ.  Doing this each morning will create happier experiences to fill your day with more joy.  Be sure to write in your gratitude journal of all the miraculous tender mercies that you were blessed with that day.

When saying creative affirmations the words I AM are extremely powerful. These two words will connect your spirit with your mind, body in addition to connecting with heavenly host that are with you to assist you in all that you desire to create. When proclaiming  I AM say it with humility and gratitude to the Lord, for you are ultimately connecting with Him on an extremely high spiritual level.

Affirmations are extremely powerful when used correctly, say them daily to manifest your intentions.

LivFit Power Affirmations

  • I AM lighter and stronger today.
  • I AM Magnificent!
  • I live life to the fullest each new day!
  • I Love my spouse unconditionally.
  • I love everything about me!
  • I feel happy, whole and complete.
  • I AM  the master of my mind.
  • I AM organized and I prioritize my schedule.
  • I accomplish my daily goals effortlessly.
  • I accomplish my goals each day with love and gratitude for myself.
  • I AM a creator. I choose to create a healthy, happy, vibrant life.
  • I feel healthy, fit and strong!
  • I AM deserving of all the good life has to offer.
  • I accept perfect health and wellness now.
  • I am fit, thin and rich!
  • I AM stronger, leaner and lighter.
  • I AM at my perfect body weight, I reached my fitness goals.

You can create affirmations for any subject.  Let go of limiting beliefs so your words will have the most dominate vibration to attract back to you that which is wanted.  You can be, do or have anything you put your mind to, so relish in your divine birthright to create the life & body of your dreams!

Embrace Your Journey to Success!

With love,

 Carol Whitaker
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