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Desire is the fuel to ignite your dreams. Determination is the power to reach for your goals. Commitment is the vessel to obtain excellence. ~Carol Whitaker

As a Lifestyle Fitness Coach I have the opportunity to assist people all over the world in transforming their lives and physiques.  People come to me for help for a variety of reasons, most of which want to be happier, they have ambitions of wanting to lose weight and get in shape, to be more successful, to improve their relationships, and to overcoming personal issues.  All of which are desires to have more inner-peace, love and joy in their lives.
It doesn't matter which area in life my clients aspire to improve, each and every aspect of self-improvement begins by embracing your higher-self and learning to love self unconditionally.  By living from spirit it will allow one to let go of the past and embracing the future self-assuredly. 

To fully transform one’s life and body, the body mind & spirit need to be balanced, whole and complete.  When the body, mind and spirit are in harmony life begins to unfold astoundingly filled with love, joy and ease.


You too can improve your quality of life by embracing your all that you are, your true-essence.  When you live from your higher-self, spirit, you will be able to enrapture pure love, which is the most powerful love all. 

Filling your heart, mind & spirit with the power of pure love will enable you to release negative self-talk and wavering emotions that have been keeping you stuck in your current reality.  When you fully embracing all that you are, you will have self-assurance that you actually can achieve your dreams!  

By constructing new commanding thoughts which support your goals you will be able to create new beliefs which sustain your desires.  You will begin to be filled with trust, conviction and thankfulness as you strive for great success in all aspects of your life.

To accomplish your goals and dreams begin by consciously deciding in detail exactly what you want to be, do and have in your life.  Write it down in descriptive detail and read it with enthusiasm daily, as though you are living your dreams now.  

Then choose to be happy in all that you do by following your bliss, doing so will allow and attract that which is wanted to come to you.  Remember, you cannot improve your quality of life if you continue to have incessant negative thoughts and emotion, it’s impossible--it is against all universal laws.


Creating your life on purpose by your thoughts, feelings and emotions is a gift that only you can give yourself.  By living your truth your life will flourish spectacularly.  You will be able to delight in in the Art of Allowing and the Art of Manifesting daily if you set your intentions clearly, and truly believe that all things are without a doubt possible.  
Use the power of your mind to transform your life and body, you have the power within to change in unbelievable ways--you are perfection--you are a divine creator! 


The mind is an enormously commanding tool of creation, as a matter of fact, everything in life that is attainable begins with a perceived thought first.  When you come to master your thoughts you become the master of your life. Dominate thoughts always become things, by radiating energy frequencies which attract that which is needed to manifest one’s desires, either wanted or unwanted, into reality.  You can look at your current circumstances and know what your habitual thoughts have been—you are living your past thoughts and emotions right now.

Are you pleased with what you have created so far?  If you are, Congratulations!  If you’re not, no worries, just realize that your surroundings are of past thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  You have the power within to establish new thought patterns of abundance, love and success to create new belief systems to attract that which is wanted into your life. 

You were created to have immense joy and abundance in all areas of life. Isn’t that exciting to fully comprehend?  It’s exhilarating to know that we never walk alone and that we can have all that we desire if we but release resistance of that which is wanted by believing that everything always works out for our highest good.  Allow your higher-self to lead your way with the powers of heaven by your side, for that is how you were created to be.

Believe in all that you are, for you are truly a magnificent being of pure energy and light!  Love life to the fullest and in return life will love and support you!


Your future can be filled with wondrous experiences and goodness--if you choose to have commanding thoughts that support your goals and dreams. Think success!  Choose excellence!  

By having a positive mental attitude you can reprogram your mind to produce new brainwaves, which will generate a new belief system of creation, which will skyrocket your desires and attract that which is need to bring your goals and dreams to fruition. 

Be appreciative, thankful, loving and forgiving continually… by doing so you will indeed create the life and body of your dreams.  Have thankfulness for everything in your life and before long you will indeed have more to be thankful for! 

Believe in all that you are, for you are truly a magnificent being of pure energy and light!  Let your beautiful light shine!  Love life to the fullest and in return life will love and support you!

With love,

Carol Whitaker
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