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Emotions are very powerful.  Everything you do is based on emotions.  What you crave to eat is based off of how you feel.  When you are reaching for a sugary treat what you are actually doing is reaching for a “feel good” food which will increase serotonin in the brain.

Sugar will indeed help you feel better for slit a moment but only to come crashing down soon after and then you will begin craving more sugar to give you the "sugar high" your emotions are wanting. 

You can train in a gym for hours daily but if you don't fuel your body with the proper nutrition needed for energy to fuel and rebuild your hard worked muscles then you might as well just do aerobics and forget dreaming of having a hard-body. 

Proper nutrition and weight lifting are vital keys to transforming your physique!


If you fall off the “eating clean” wagon often and find it difficult to follow your diet or workout routine on a daily basis then you need to regroup and focus on letting go of negative emotions.

Negative emotions will hold you back and stuck from achieving your fitness goals.  Craving high fat, sugary foods often is a result of having emotional hunger. 

By releasing, forgiving and allowing your higher truth to shine brightly you will begin to only crave healthy foods because you won’t have emotional hunger overpowering your mind.   

Take inventory of your thoughts and emotions to have more self-control and control of your mind. 


If you’re struggling with poor eating habits you can change your emotions to enable you to want to eat healthy food. When negative thoughts come up you can do this simple exercise to assist in releasing negative emotions.   


 Sit quietly by yourself where you will be undisturbed and write down what’s bothering you.  Then read each issue and think about what you learned from each experience.

·         Think about how each experience improved your life, resulting in helping you to become stronger & more powerful. 

·         If you haven’t contemplated the lesson to be learned, now is the time to do so, this way you will not have to relive the experience again in order to learn life’s lesson.

·         Then give thanks for the lessons learned and rip it up and throw it away.  Then imagine the negative energy leaving your body and vanishing into thin air, this is a tool to let go of the past once and for all.

·         Give your worries to the heavens above and know that you are divinely guided and protected at all times.  Believe that all is well.

·         Now on a new sheet of paper write down all of your incredible attributes as you think loving thoughts about your body, family & life experiences.  Write down how special you are how you love yourself.

·         Write down that are worthy of achieving your weight loss, fitness goals.  By doing this you will balance your heart, mind & soul which will enable you to have powerful positive thoughts of creation which will create new beliefs in your subconscious to enable your dreams to come true.

·         Write down goals and positive affirmations that support your goals.  Pour your heart into your goals!  Be excited! Feel how awesome it will be once achieved as though you are living your dreams now! 

You can achieve your goals!  Anyone can!  It doesn't matter if you're 100 plus lbs over weight or 5 lbs – you can have your dream body!  But you must love yourself unconditionally first for your body to transform with less effort and with ease. 

Stay laser-focused on reaching your goals & dreams every day!  Remember, what the mind can conceive the mind can achieve.


Being true to you will increase self love, inner peace, confidence and willpower. Its okay if you’re struggling to stay focused on your goals daily ~ don’t give up! 

It typically takes 21 days to create a habit or otherwise to create a new way of life.  Begin each day on purpose.  Start your day off with love & thankfulness in your heart to God for your magnificent body and for the mighty miracles in your life. 

Start fresh each new day by resolving to eat clean, to move more and being optimistic about the joy of life and all the good that you receive each day.  Focus each new day as a New Beginning! 

Make you a high priority in your life and stay focused on reaching your goals!  You can stay on the healthy eating wagon much easier than you my think.

Carol Whitaker
Life Transformation Expert & Coach  
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