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How to Think Positively Even When Life Isn't Going Your Way

Did you know that it's easier to think negative thoughts than it is to think positive thoughts? That’s because the mind is always in survival mode.  And did you know that you are not your brain?  It is only a part of your body.  That is why you need to learn to master your mind to be able to master you life.  

Taking note of negative situations signifies to the brain danger signs which validates the brain’s natural defense mechanism of survival.  Habitual negative thoughts of feelings soon become your belief which then becomes your dominate vibration.

Let go of negativity, it does not serve you!  Being constantly negative only brings to you more to be negative about.  What you think about you literally bring about.  You can't even get out of bed without a perceived thought of doing so first.  Instead of looking for the negative focus on looking for the good in all that you do and with whom you associate with, and that includes being positive about you! 
Decide now to strive for excellence,  by becoming the master of your thoughts. Think and feel what it will be like once you achieve your dreams.  Visualize your life as you wish it to be in all aspects of life. How do you want to look? What kind of marriage or relationship do you want?  

How much money do you want in the bank?  Be specific and as detailed as possible.  Your thoughts are a road map to your future destination ~ where are your thoughts leading you? 

Your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference from make-believe and reality, it will do everything in it's power, energetically, to attract and create what you visual and think about most often--it's the Law of Attraction in action.  Like always attracts like--always--with no exceptions! Just as the Law of Gravity can not be altered neither can the Law of Attraction.

Be Positive!
Be positive!  To become optimistic you must learn to let go of the past, it doesn't matter what you did or who hurt who's feelings, let it go... Learn the invaluable lessons to be learned and give thanks for the blessings of more wisdom, understanding and empathy which made you stronger today than you were before.  

By replaying painful experiences over and over in your mind you're just reconfirming that life is hard and difficult and that your thoughts are indeed reality each and every day--that is--to your subconscious mind.  
What matters is how you choose to live now!  Learn to love yourself fully and to believe in your ability to forgive and forget once an for all.  Walk in faith. Trust that you never walk alone, heavenly hosts are always there for you if you but ask.  Ask God to be near you, open your heart to Him.  Allow Him to lift you when your down and to clear the way before you through by believing that the best is always yet to come.  
The Choice is Yours
Your life is what you make of it!  How many times do you complain about something only to find that you have so much more to complain about at the end of the day.  It's not by chance that life becomes more difficult when you're in a bad mood ~ you my dear created unknowingly.  

All thoughts have vibration, good thoughts are high in vibration, sad, depressing, negative thoughts are very high in vibration. That is why you feel like you're on cloud nine you hear really great news, it's because at a cellular level you vibrating at a rapid frequency.  
Dream Big!
When you are really happy that is when you are in a vibration of creation, that is the ideal time to DREAM BIG and to ponder and meditate on your dreams. This will enable you to connect with your high-self which will open the way to communicate with your heart and mind, thus, balancing the body, mind and spirit. When you consciously choose to have more positive thought you will literally shift the neurons pathways in your brain. 
Release the feelings of lack to that of abundance.  You are a spiritual being, allow your higher-self to lead your way, trust your intuition and then take inspired action when feel impressed to do something. As the familiar saying goes, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." 

Do yourself a favor, and drink "life" in by using the power of your subconscious mind to work for your highest good daily! You deserve all the happiness, health and wealth as you were created to be.  
Focus on your goals each day, see yourself as you desire to be, believe that what the mind can conceive the mind can achieve. Learn how to release the desire to react and allow yourself to reflect on your inner emotions to be able to act consciously. 

Don't Fight It

If you try to fight negative emotions you will be stuck try your energy, leaving you lifeless in spirit and desire. Learn how to consciously choose your thoughts by practicing it having a positive mentalattitude you desire which will allow your brain to work optimally in attracting that which is needed to bring your dreams to fruition.
So stop being negative and become more optimistic in all areas of your life. Believe that you really can be happy. You were created to become that which you desire to be. 

Believe in your innate abilities to create your life on purpose as you walk in faith each day. Master you mind by paying attention to your thoughts constantly and think intentionally.  Change your thoughts and you will ultimately change your life!

Carol Whitaker 
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