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How to Create Your Dreams with the 


Do you really want to change your life? Do you really want to be happier, healthier and more prosperous? If so, then I have good news for you... You can change your life simply by changing your thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

It may sound too easy to be true, but it is. Think about your life so far, your life experiences now are a direct result of what your past thoughts were. Think about when you thought about most last week and see how it was created in your experience today. For instance, if you had feelings of feeling fat the you most likely craved unhealthy foods. 

Where you focus on negative or positive, the way the mind works is the same. The subconscious mind takes the images the conscious mind portrays as truths, whether it is or not. Which then does everything possible to create it and attract it back to you. 

So if you want to change you life then you must take the needed steps mentally to controlling your thoughts. You are the master of your mind, it's not the master of you! You an become the master by focusing on how you feel daily. 

When you're upset or worried that's your body telling you that "you're off track" to receiving that which you long for. To get back on track just change your thoughts to that which makes you feel good. 

By choosing to be the master of your mind you will be able to be optimistic and happy regardless of the world around you.  Going from negative to positive the neurons in your brain will remap the pathways as well as the brainwaves will shift to a more productive energized frequency. 

Mastering your mind has many benefits, you will have inner-peace, better health and more abundance, in each area of your life. By choosing to be the master of your thoughts is liberating!  

Thinking on purpose will free you from limiting thoughts that do not serve you, you will be able to let go of the past and focus on a bright future.  Every aspect of your life is a reflection of your inner feelings and emotions which is created by habitual thoughts.  What have you created so far?


Choosing on a conscious level to be thankful for your body, life and relationships will profoundly have an affirmative effect on the world around you--like always attracts like unto it--it's the universal Law of Attraction.  

Learning to be the master of your mind takes time, perseverance and commitment but if practiced daily within time thinking positively will become natural, you will begin to see a glass as “half full” rather than “half empty”.

When you are optimistic and hopeful by being thankful you will attract more to be thankful for!


Meditation is an excellent way to learn to control your mind.  Each day take 5 to 20 minutes to ponder and focus on stilling your mind and allowing your spirit to radiate peacefully within.  Concentrate on your dreams in the present tense and see yourself as you wish to be.  If drifting thoughts enter your mind, let them go, then replace them with thoughts which you want to manifest.

You have attracted your life experiences and body as it is now by your past thoughts, feelings and emotions.   In fact, you manifest your reality each and every day whether you know it or not, by your past thoughts. I have been a Lifestyle Fitness Coach for over 10 years.  When my clients reach out to me they each have a desire for change, they want to be happier, healthier and more successful. 


You may want to lose weight, improve your marriage, relationships, desire for more income or want a higher self-esteem and more confidence, it doesn't matter what you want to improve, it all begins by knowing that you can create your life on purpose.

Each of us have a deep longing for inner-peace, happiness, acceptance and love. Even though we want to manifest a happier, healthier way of life if we do not learn how to shift our way of thinking we cannot create the life of our dreams—nobody can. 

You can create a happier, more fulfilling way of life by being happy and having positive thoughts. Just as the great philosopher, Napoleon Hill, taught in his famous world renown book, Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” You attract back to you what you believe and think about most often. Therefor, if you want to create a better way of life you must first choose bettering thoughts. 

When you control your thoughts you control your emotions and attract more love, contentment, happiness, appreciation and self-acceptance of all that you do.  When you take time to release limiting thoughts and replace them with new commanding thoughts of creation she began to manifest your heart’ desires and shift your belief system to being powerful, enthusiastic, and joyful your life will shift in miraculous ways.

Believe in your ability to create the body and life of your dreams  Your higher-self already innately know everything which is needed to create that which your heart desires. Trust yourself and follow your heart, and then take inspired action when it comes. It won't do you any good to wish all day without moving forward in what you have been divinely inspired to do to enable you to create your dreams. 

As you reconnect with your inner-self and tap into the power of your mind embrace your truth fully, love everything about you now. Have appreciation and gratitude for your beautiful life and the lessons learned along the way, and soon you will be well on your way to attracting and creating that which your heart desires. 

It’s so much fun to set an intention and then to allow that which is wanted to come to you! Remember, you are a powerful creator of your experiences, so dream big dreams and have faith that desires really do come true! 

Thank you for reading. Please share with your social media circles to help others believe in their innate ability to succeed too. Have a magical day creating and living that of your dreams!

Carol Whitaker
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