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Tip of the Day:  Quality over quantity!  Be sure to exercise in a methotical manner. Proper form is critical during strength training.  Do not rush through exercises.  By focusing on the muscles being worked you'll have greater results without injury.

TODAYS WORKOUT: LEGS: Hamstrings, Glutes, Calves & Quads

Today’s workout was tough! After a couple of days off of strength training I raring to go when I hit my gym. Working legs takes a lot of energy and strength which burns more calories during and after my hard workouts. I give it my all everyday to ensure I get the results I’ve set for myself.

Waking up early and getting my exercising done first thing after taking Go is my magical formula to maintain my lean physique. By doing cardio on an empty stomach to warm up my cold muscles my body will utilize my glycogen store aka fat for energy. Before I hit the weights I have some protein to feed my muscles, I also drink Liv SXinney throughout the exercises for extra energy.


Dumbbell Lower Body Workout

3 X 12-15 dead lifts

3 X 5 Single leg lunges (alternate legs after each set) forward, side and back

3 x 12-15 heavy weight leg curls

3 x 15 Squats with calve raises

2 x 25 Single leg extended squat (place back of foot on chair; take a big step forward to do lunges.)

1 x 15 slow calves raise then 15 fast with weights: feet out, feet forward, feet in


Today’s workout was a whopper for sure! When lifting weights you need to feel the burn during the last 3 reps, if you don’t you’re using too light of a weight. Training Hard is the only way to sculpt the body of your dreams. If your muscles aren’t feeling it or fatigued after you workout then you’re not training tough enough.

After lifting I followed up with 30 minutes of cardio (medium intensity) on my bike. I was drenched after training this morning! I love living the LivFit Lifestyle, it’s so rewarding and improves all aspects of my life.

I hope you too are getting in the groove of livin’ fit! Remember to eat every 3 hours along withdrink Liv SXinney, Go & have 2 packets of Crave to keep your muscles fed as well as to keep your metabolism in overdrive!


Have an awesome day! I’ll chat more tomorrow…

~Carol Whitaker

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