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How To Do Mirror Work to Learn to Love YOU!

How To Do Mirror Work to Learn to Love YOU!

Self-love is the core of having a high self-image and self-respect, it is an important aspect of self-development and improvement. Many of us struggle with feelings that we aren’t good enough, or have feelings of self-doubt, or catch ourselves mumbling unkind words when we make a mistake far too often. 

I’m no acceptation, I, too, have down days now and again and have to do my best to get back on track with having love and adoration for myself. But, luckily, there are several tools we can use to enable us to come to love and accept ourselves at a profound level, one such tool is doing an exercise referred to as mirror work. 

Doing mirror work can help you learn how to love and accept yourself fully. It can assist you in reaching your true potential as you come to believe and trust in yourself. Just as the outside world has a ‘mirror effect’ of your perceptions and beliefs, so does mirror work reflect how you truly feel about you.

Louise Haythe founder of Hay House teaches how to do mirror work, she is well-known for her training method of helping people learn how to love themselves more by looking into your eyes in a mirror and saying, I love you! As she explains, “A mirror reflects back to you the feelings you have about yourself. A mirror lets you look deeply into your eyes, which are the windows to your soul. A mirror will make you immediately aware of where you are resisting and where you are open and flowing. A mirror will clearly show you what areas to change if you want to have a joyous, fulfilling life.”
A mirror is more than just an instrument to use as you get ready for the day, it’s a means to look into the windows of your soul. It can become an intimate supporter and companion as you move forward in strengthening your self-love and become your biggest cheerleader. Let your mirrors become your most admired friends, instead of foes.

How to Do Mirror Work

Practicing mirror work regularly will strengthen your core values of having love and adoration for yourself. Use it daily to complement, uplift and support yourself in all that you do. You can use mirror work in the following ways:

  • As you look in the mirror to do your hair and makeup, or while brushing your teeth, get in the habit of expressing your heartfelt love for yourself and to point out your beautiful attributes. Express how much you love your eyes, your smile, your curves and your personality.
  • When you do something you’re proud of, go to a mirror and compliment yourself with enthusiasm as you look deep into your eyes and say, You Rock! You are seriously awesome! 
  • Express how amazing you are and say, You really are amazing! You are powerful! You have infinite potential!
  • Complement yourself often and say, Wow, you're gorgeous! You're beautiful inside and out!
  • Tell yourself how proud you are and express gratitude for your accomplishment and say, I love you! Thank you! You are truly magnificent! 
  • Or when something doesn’t go your way, comfort yourself by looking in the mirror and say, It’s all right, I believe in you. Everything happens for a reason. I trust that the best is yet to come. I love all that I am! I believe in me! 
  • When you see a reflection of yourself in a window as you walk by, say something kind to yourself, and look for the beauty you radiate.

The more you practice doing mirror work, the deeper your self-love will be and the more supported and validated you’ll feel. In addition, you will have more self-confidence and feel empowered to set out to accomplish more in your life.

When you come to value mirror work, you will become more aware of the words you say to yourself and to others, which will directly improve the actions you do. You will also come to love all that you are and will come to adore and appreciate yourself more than you’ve done before. Come to love all that you are by speaking lovingly to yourself each day as you come to enjoy doing mirror work. 
I hope you, too, have success from using mirror work and that you learn to love and adore YOU!


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