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Ask and It Is Given: How to Create Your Life Intentionally

Almost everyone has heard the saying, “Ask, and it is given.” Well, to those who do not understand the principle of the meaning, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

To “ask and receive” is an intentional request that resonates with the body, mind and spirit as a whole. 

To ask is to move forward in faith, believing that by the grace of God, the endless powers of the universe will orchestrate that which is needed to fulfill what you ask for.

However, it takes more than simply asking, you must have hope and faith first, believing that you will receive that which you ask for.

As found in Matthew 7 : 7 & 8 -  7 “Ask and it shall be given you: seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 8 For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” That implies to all areas of your life, in addition to connecting with God and Christ. Isn’t it a profound thought to contemplate that anything you ask for with faith you can, in fact, receive.
All you have to do is ask the Lord, believe that He will answer you, and then be willing to take needed action to receive joyfully—believing—doubting nothing. When you are in an energy of faith you are in an energy of creation. It’s important to stay focused on your goals, that which you have asked for, with real intent and desire. It is then that your mind goes to work to bring about what you are focused upon to come to fruition. Your mind is your tool of creation, it is what connects you to God and your spirit, it’s where creation begins.

Walk in Faith

When you walk in faith, believing that your dreams will come true, you tap into the power of heaven and the universe to bring about what you set out to attract back to you. You have all the power you need within to accomplish anything you desire, if you're willing to take action to fulfill it.

By tapping into your power within, you will have the knowing and fortitude to walk through the “open doors” that are presented to you by heavenly powers in order for you to receive. To do so, you must first release resistance to that which is wanted, and align with the energy of what you want to manifest it into your experience. You can do so by simply choosing to be happy and feeling good. Feel-good emotions are the fuel that skyrocket desires to manifest.

That comes by discarding rejection, and moving forward despite the obstacles that may arise. Remember, that when growth and expansion are required there is generally resistance at first, it takes determination to succeed to get out of your comfort zone and move forward to have success.

Moving forward daily in the direction of your dreams will build powerful momentum, which will create greater results. Without effort, steadfastness in achieving your objective, and believing in your gifts and talents, you will continue to be stuck where you are. To accomplish any goal or dream requires an optimistic mindset, complete accountability, and the courage to believe in yourself, even when others don’t.

It’s Your Birthright to Be Wealthy

If improving your income is one of your main goals and dreams, you may feel strange for wanting more money, initially you may feel guilty or that you’re being selfish, but you’re not at all, it’s your divine birthright to have all that your heart desires—that’s why you long for it.

By putting a ceiling on your dreams will keep you from what is meant for you. For instance, if your dream is to have a bigger house for your family or perhaps a nicer car, but you always feel guilty about wanting more, then your fears will overshadow your earnest desire of self-fulfillment by honoring your wishes.

God wants you to flourish in all aspects of your life, from health to wealth—He wants you to thrive joyously and abundantly! Which is why you long for more, so it's actually your right to have ALL which your heart longs for, and more…

It is your divine birthright to thrive, to be healthy, happy, successful, and prosperous. God created everything for us to have joy and plenty, and that includes money. Money is energy, it is what enables you to live a high quality of life and to help others in need.

Those that think money is dirty or bad, think how it helps the world be a better place. Keep in mind, you can’t be poor enough to help the poor. The more wealth you have, the more you can help your family and the poor and needy. 

Money is a good thing. It enables us to rebuild storm tattered cities, it enables miracles to take place in operating rooms with the skill of a surgeon’s hand, it allows nations to aid third-world countries, and it puts food our tables and homes for our families. So if money allows us to thrive, save lives and serve others in need, then how is it not an aspect of our divine inheritance? It is. Just as having love and joy is our divine birthright so is money.

Money is in all actuality, a gift from above. It’s good to want to improve your financial welfare in order to leave a legacy for your family and to give generously of each paycheck you receive to your religion and/or charities.

Release Resistance

Believe that you are worthy to receive. Release the resistance you feel is keeping you stuck and replace the resistance by having a prosperity mindset--embrace having an abundance of love, health, and wealth. Be thankful for that which you are blessed with daily, and before long you will surely be living a higher quality of life.

God intended for you to live intentionally by asking, believing and receiving. Dream BIG dreams! Then ask in faith, knowing that what you set your mind to, you can surely achieve!


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