Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to Stay Motivated to Live Fit

How to Stay Motivated to Live Fit

Embrace Living a LivFit Lifestyle
There's nothing more satisfying than achieving your ideal body weight by living a LivFit Lifestyle. Being healthy and fit is not only attractive, but it's incredibly empowering! The only way to achieve a fit physique is to by committing to living a LivFit Lifestyle.
Living a healthier way of life doesn't come by merely working out and eating clean now and again, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about living a healthier way of life to become all that you desire to be.
When you are in control of your actions and what you put in your mouth, you are in your power, and when you are in your power you will be able to honor your commitments. It takes time to create new habits to truly be in control of your health and what you eat, but with determination and perseverance, it can be done. 

It all begins with letting go of limiting self-images and beliefs and creating a new self-image that reflects as you want. When you see yourself and believe you can achieve  that which you want, you will be able to commit to your health and fitness goals. 

When you contemplate exactly what you want to achieve and an action plan, you will have a blueprint to create the body of your dreams. Once you know how you want to be, create a game plan that you know you can do, then visualize yourself following through; by doing so, you will have the means necessary to accomplish your ideal body shape and size sooner than you may think. 

Do yourself a huge favor and be positive about living a LivFit Lifestyle. Committing to eating clean and exercising is a gift of health that only you can give to you. No one can do it for you. 
Make it a point to exercise 4 to 6 days a week, do what you love to do; if you’re a biker go biking each morning, if you’re a jogger go jogging to start your day. Implementing an exercise routine is essential to accomplish your fitness goals and dreams. By committing to 30 to 45 minutes of exercise each morning, by doing strength training or cardio, is an excellent way to stay on track with your fitness goals. 
Just as you honor your time in the gym, honor your time in the kitchen. Have an action plan of eating to fuel your body and not your emotions. When you honor your commitments to eating a clean diet and exercising regularly, you will feel proud, and will have more energy and confidence, which will keep you motivated to stay focused on your goals.                                        
Train at Home 
As mentioned above exercising is a big part of sculpting your physique. Strength training is a must to sculpt to transform your body. Without incorporating weight training into your exercise regimen it will be more difficult to alter your physique, it will also take longer to burn fat and see the results from spending time in the gym. 
You can shed weight by doing cardio and eating clean, but you won’t be able to fine-tune your physique and create sculpted muscles. Having more muscle will increase your metabolism to boot! When you commit to strength training often, you will build more muscle mass, which burns more energy at rest. Weight lifting is so much fun! It’s my favorite form of exercise hands down.
 Be Positive!
Having a positive attitude about working out and eating a healthy diet is the catalyst to fitness success. Make a conscious decision to like working out; if you enjoy it you’ll do it. 
To help keep you pumped up in the gym, play music that will impel you to train harder, the more psyched up you are about lifting, the better. Make your workouts count by looking at weight lifting as a “want to” and not a “have to”.
 Make a Home Gym 
I attained my fitness goals and dreams by working out in my home gym using dumbbells and a Hoist Cage, I haven't stepped foot in a public gym since I got married nearly 23 years ago.
 You don't need fancy equipment to transform your physique. All you need are challenging dumbbells, a full-length mirror, an incline bench, a water bottle and an iPod to keep you pumped as you work out.   
Having a home gym is highly rewarding on so many levels, not only does it make it easier to work out on a regular basis, but you can train alone. Training alone is highly rewarding, it’s your time. 
Make it a point to set your exercise time on your schedule, just as you would for an important meeting. Designate time each morning to exercise. And as you exercise look for the improvements in your body, and reward yourself by thinking positive thoughts about the progress you’re making.  
Plan Ahead & Follow Through
Plan ahead. Remember, if you fail to plan you plan to fail. When you set out to succeed with a well thought-out action plan, you will surely carry out that which you set out to do. If you plan what you’re going to do the beginning of each day, or the night before, you will be more likely to follow through. 
Visualize yourself doing what your action plan. See yourself in your mind’s eye: exerting, eating clean and being positive. If you do this for three weeks, you will soon realize that you naturally crave eating a healthy diet, and being more active throughout the day.  
Repetition is key! Following through with your health and fitness goals is what will make you successful. If you fully commit to honoring your heart’s desires, then you will without a doubt, accomplish your fitness goals and dreams.
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