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Embrace the Power of Emotions

Embrace the Power of Emotions

Emotions are often overlooked as just something that we all feel each moment of each day. Little do many of us know just how powerful emotions really are.  Emotions have energy of vibrational frequencies at a quantum level. 
The more emotional charge you have about something or someone, the more powerful the vibration.  The image above illustrates the power of emotion. Refer to it often when you are feeling emotionally stuck. You can see that having thoughts of doubt, fear, jealously and unworthiness does NOT serve you, but rather, thoughts of love, joy, hope, passion and enthusiasm does. 
YOU are the master of your emotions; emotions are not the master of you! Become the master of your mind by making it a point to think thoughts that are worthy of you; you are magnificent!
Think of a time when you heard some great news, I bet you felt happy, excited, empowered, and felt as though you were on cloud-9.  The feelings you were relishing in are very powerful. When you are filled with joy and happiness you are in, what I like to refer to as a vibration of creation.
When you are in a vibration of creation, that is when you should dream big, and think about how amazing it will feel once you attain that which you desire. To create your dreams, you must know what you want, in detail, and get emotional about it, to utilize the power of emotion in attracting back to you what you desire.
Thoughts Create Feelings
All thoughts create feelings, either wanted or unwanted. The energy of emotion flows vastly from each of us and reaches those people, circumstances and events that are needed to manifest your vibrational offering into your reality--knowingly or unknowingly. 
You literally attract everything in your life from your dominant thoughts and emotions. You can look at your life and body as it is today, and come to realize what your dominate vibration has been. It is from your thoughts and emotions that has a direct influence on what you manifest in your life.
Choosing on a conscious level to choose your thoughts wisely is imperative to create the body and life of your dreams. Your thoughts literally create your life experiences, including your body as it is now, as well as your level of happiness. Your consistent thoughts create emotions and feelings, which ultimately creates your beliefs, which attract more of what you are focused on in your life experiences.
Your past thoughts created your body and life as it today.  How do you feel about your life experiences so far?  How do you feel about your body image?  Are you happy with whom you see in the mirror?  Do you think kind, loving thoughts about yourself? Are you happy with the results you have manifested in your life?
If you answered any of the questions with a negative response, that indicates that you  have limiting thoughts and emotions in that area of your life, of which, is keeping you from attaining what you desire. How you feel about your body and life directly influences your health and wellness, and what you attract in your life. 
When you have a low body-image your body will not be able to function optimally.  As a result, it will lower your energy frequency, which brings about more ill thoughts and feelings and health issues. All of which, disempowers you and will directly affect you health and well-being. You may be too tired to exercise, you may crave sugar or salty foods, your motivation to be proactive may diminish, and you may struggle with negative feelings, which is not a fun way to live.
Live in the Moment
You can take control of your thoughts and feelings by letting go of the past and living in the moment, by choosing to be happy, now! To shift from a lower energy vibration to a higher powerful energy vibration, look for the good in all that you do. Embrace life and life will embrace you! Begin by taking charge of your emotions by selectively choosing to have powerful, creative, loving thoughts. 
You are the master of your mind--your mind is not the master of you! When negative, unwanted thoughts come to mind, just make peace by acknowledging your feelings, then replace the unwanted feelings with a powerful, positive thoughts of love and appreciation to have positive feelings and emotions.
It takes time to shift into a higher energy frequency, so be patient. Keep in mind, that you are not merely a finite body that needs to eat, exercise and sleep daily, that is only part of you, your true essence within--your spirit--is the greater part of you, which is made of pure positive energy. 
Who You Really Are
Even though it may not feel like it at times, but you are, in fact, an eternal being. You are a divine being created in God's image, in physical form. You are filled with infinite energy of perfection; you literally have divinity within you, to create your life intentionally.
Unfortunately, we often lose sight of our magnificence; through our life experiences we allow the negative energies of the world disturb our peace of mind, causing us to often have habitual negative feelings and emotions, which does not serve our highest good.  
You can regain control of your life by being in control of your mind, and selecting your thoughts and feelings on purpose. It takes time and practice to accomplish having a positive mental attitude, but if you focus every day on your thoughts with the intent to create your life deliberately, you will soon find that being optimistic and loving will become your predominate way of being. Thus, you will find that you will have more to be grateful for! 
You Are a Creator
You were created to thrive joyously! You were meant to thrive with satisfaction, love, joy, happiness, prosperity and great abundance, of every kind. You were not put on earth to suffer with intense depression, fears and sadness – that is not the will of your divine creator.  Each experience, perceived as good or bad, is to help mold you to become all which you are meant to be. 
You were created to be a deliberate creator of your life--by the power of your emotions. You mind is your greatest tool of creation. YOU can choose thoughts and feelings regardless of what's going on around you. Each experience you have is intended to increase your awareness and enlightenment of your eternal well-being, to receive awareness and enlightenment. By having an attitude of thankfulness for your past, present and of that which is to come, your life will improve in miraculous ways.
Having commanding, inspired thoughts of love, joy, forgiveness (when necessary), and gratitude for that which is working for you, you will be able to create a higher quality of life. Before you realize it you will find that you will naturally crave healthier foods, you will have more energy and you will desire to be more active, all of which, is because your body, mind and spirit will be in harmony. 
You will also find that you are more optimistic and pleasant to be around.  You will feel as though the world is on your side, and that everything seems easier than before. You will attract more abundance in all areas of your life to gladden your heart and those you love. It is a truly delightful way to live!
Embrace the Power of Emotions 
Decide today to be “open minded” to take control of your life and body, by taking control of your mind to embrace the power of emotion. You are a co-creator with God—you were meant to create your life by design, and not by default.  
Believe that you deserve every good thing life has to offer.  Love all that you are. By having a positive, powerful mindset you will have positive emotions, which will unleash your inner powers and happiness to fulfill all that your heart desires…and more! 
If you like this article, you can read more in-depth about the power of emotion and how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind to transform you life in my book Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams.
 If you have had positive results from having a positive attitude and embracing your emotions, please share below. I wish you great success as you come to understand and value of the power of emotions. 
About the author:

Carol Whitaker is the author of Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams. Carol is a highly sought after Life Transformation Expert and Lifestyle Fitness Coach. She is well known for the amazing transformations she creates in her clients’ lives. Carol is a Media Expert for ABC4 GOOD THINGS UTAH and Boomers Talk! Radio, and a Motivational Speaker. She is passionate about inspiring and motivating men and women to become their best. Carol is a featured expert on national media and online websites. Carol is a happily married mother of three. Connect with Carol on her professional profile LinkedIn and Facebook to receive her health, fitness & happiness tips and by following her on Twitter. Visit to learn more about her transformation services along with tools and secrets to discover how to transform your life and body to that of your dreams.
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