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Living my LivFit Lifestyle doesn't happen overnight it takes motivation, dedication and determination to follow through with your goals; unfortunately, too many people lack the motivation needed to commit to starting or staying on track with a fitness routine day after day.  It takes time, you don’t have to train long and hard each day, you can start off slow.  If you start off too fast you'll feel exhausted and may lose the desire to stay on track.

Starting is half the battle; you can begin by walking briskly for 20 minutes 5 days a week or jogging on a treadmill for 15 to 20 minutes 4 to 5 days a week.  In time you find that you will have more energy and will want to exercise longer than you did the day or week before. It all comes down to loving yourself enough to want to improve your quality of life. 

Living a healthy lifestyle makes for a happier You!  You will feel more vibrant, have better health, have more energy to play with your family and friends and you will be empowered! Motivation is the key to success!  Staying motivated will boost your determination to live a healthier lifestyle.

Below are 10 Motivational Tips that have helped me stay on track year after year.  These tips have also been highly beneficial for my clients to reach their goals and maintain their ideal body weight.



Loving yourself unconditionally will open your heart to believing in you! I always say Dream BIG DREAMS because dreams really do come true!  If it’s your dream to be fit and thin then believe you can be. Visualize yourself lean and strong. Our minds are very powerful in creating our habitual thoughts. So think uplifting thoughts throughout the day. By loving and believing in you all things are possible.


Schedule your workouts on your calendar as you would a business meeting. Pack your gym bag and have it ready to go or place your workout clothes on your dresser the night before. If you can workout first thing in the morning that’s perfect! You will have it done for the day and you will feel proud of yourself for accomplishing your goal at the start of each day--it’s a great feeling! You’ll also have extra energy to get you through your busy schedule.


Write down 5 short term goals in the present tense. Write goals that you know you can achieve within a week or two.  Create a detailed plan for success.  Be specific such as "I workout 30 minutes each day" or "I eat a small balanced meal every 3 hours." 

Place your goals where you can read them often, morning & night.  Keep your goals in mind at all times.  See yourself as though you have already accomplished your goals and dreams.  Feel what it feels like to be at your ideal body weight, imagine your physique as you want it to be.


Choose a gym close to home, you will be more inclined to make it to the gym more often if it’s convenient; or create your own gym. All you need are varies sizes of dumbbells, a bench and a mirror to watch your form (always lift weights in front of a mirror). 

It’s that simple to have your very own gym in the comforts of your own home.  Make your gym a place where you want to be. Make it fun, have a fitness poster to motivate you, have a TV & a DVD player to follow along with your favorite workouts, or a radio/CD player to play upbeat music loudly to add energy to your workouts.


Be thankful for your miraculous body as it is now. Take to your body as though it were a child; speak kindly and softly to yourself.  Give thanks often for all the tender mercies you receive each day. Visualize yourself as though you have already accomplished your fitness and wellness goals, do so with excitement! 

With gratitude and love in your heart imagine yourself as the size, shape and weight as you aspire to be. Your body will literally transform more easily by focusing on love and appreciation.  The more you are thankful the more you will have to be thankful for!


Journal keeping is imperative for fitness and weight loss success. Having a journal for your meals and exercise routines is a great way to track your accomplishments and improvements, as well as keeping a thankfulness journal.  Logging your workouts by writing down how much weight you used and how many reps you did will motivate you greatly.  Also write how you felt that day. You’ll be able amazed at how rewarding it is to keep a record of your fitness journey.

Plan your meals ahead of time. Write down your meal plan the night before and prepare your meals ahead of time so you’ll be ready to go the next day. Using a diet journal holds you accountable for everything you eat & drink, it will help you immensely. Be honest and write down everything you eat. You'll begin to think twice about what you put in your mouth.


Having a buddy system is a huge benefit to assist you in your weight loss efforts. Tell all of your family and friends of your weight loss goals and then you will feel less likely to overeat at a family gathering and social events. Exercise with a close friend, it’s so much more fun to workout with a friend. Surround yourself with people that believe in you and that will support you in your fitness goals and dreams. Avoid pessimistic people and choose to spend time with those that inspire you to be a better person.


Hire a fitness guru to help you learn how to properly chart your meals and exercise routines. Be selective; follow your heart in choosing the right coach or trainer. There are all sorts of trainers and coaches from yoga to bodybuilding. Having a coach or trainer will educate, motivate and inspire you. You will have more self-confidence in the gym and needed willpower at home. Being accountable to someone whom you look up to will skyrocket you to success.


Getting enough Zzz’s is essential to achieving a lean, shapely physique. Your body repairs worked torn muscle tissues from your earlier workout during sleep. Try to get to bed by 10:30 pm each evening so your body can fully recover. You’ll not only have more energy for your next workout but you’ll feel stronger too!


Start your fitness plan today! Take action and follow through with your goals. Be sure to implement journal writing and daily exercise to ensure success. Write down a timeline on your calendar when you will reach your goals, then reward yourself when you do. Get a massage, go to a movie, or read a good book; do what makes you happy.


Your mind is your most powerful tool of creation, including creating the body of your dreams. Set at least 10 to 20 minutes aside each day to visualize your life and body as if you were already living your dreams. Use your imagination to create that which you desire, use all five senses to internalize it more fully. The more you visualize what you want and give thanks for that which is to come the sooner you will manifest your goals and dreams. Thoughts always become things--so think intentionally with passion and purpose.


Create a reality board aka vision board to help you visualize your dream body with clarity. Find photos of fitness models or use pictures of yourself that inspire you to get back in shape to feel your best. Then place it where you can see it every day. Look at it daily with enthusiasm as you visualize yourself as if you have already achieved your goals and dreams. Then take inspired action and move forward staying laser focused on creating that which you set you intention upon. And before long you really will be living your dreams!

Commit today to living a LivFit Lifestyle by following these simple motivational tips and incorporating them into your daily routine, doing so you will soon discover that living fit will become a way of life and you’ll actually want to hit the gym each morning and eat clean!

Staying motivated is a mindset so be proactive in staying motivated each new day. See Exercise often, eat healthy foods and believe you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. 

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Have an awesome day staying motivated to create and manifest the life & body of your dreams!

Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach 

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