Monday, July 15, 2013


Love Where You Are

If you can come to love where you are in your life regardless of what you current circumstances are then you will be able to move through that which you don’t want with a sense of peace and well-being. By loving where you are you will be able to release the resistance which has been keeping you stuck to clear the way to attract what your heart longs for. 

Believe that everything happens for a reason. By loving where you are in your life, right now, you will come to love everything about you, and as you do your mind will become more open to receive spiritual guidance as you are impressed upon with solutions to your problems and inspired action to move forward in creating your dreams.

As you love your life you will naturally have more love, joy, understanding and compassion. Your heart will be more open to receiving and giving love, and you will be able to fully grasp your true essence and thrive by living in your power each new day. You will be filled with love, joy and happiness as your light shine brightly from within you. You will feel as if the world is always on your side and will be able to pick yourself up quickly when you stumble along the way.  


Take time appreciate everything about you and the life you've created so far by noticing all the beautiful miracles that surround you each day. Live in an attitude of gratitude.

Give thanks to your amazing body, give thanks for the breath that you breathe and for the gift of life and give thanks for your bright and abundant future that will be filled with all that you desire. And most of all be thankful to be you. Become your best-friend, appreciate what you've learned and be happy with who you've become.

Understand that when you make mistakes it’s okay, be compassionate and patient with yourself, know that you were doing the best you knew how at the time. Come to cherish that from your mistake you were able to learn valuable life lessons to enrich and expand your life to become the magnificent woman you are today.

Let go of worries of yesterday and smile at your past with a thankful heart for the wondrous lessons learned along your way. Embrace your future with love and appreciation by having faith as you let go of doubt and fear and embrace hope, faith and belief.

By loving where you are and believing in your inner-power to create the life and body of your dreams you will surely live your dreams. Believe in all that you are, for you, my dear, are a glorious women of divinity truth and light.

Have a miraculous day! 

Carol Whitaker
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