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Change Your Mindset to Change Your Life
It doesn't matter what area you want to improve life using mind power will sure change that which you desire. From having more loving relationships to making more money, your mind is your greatest tool of creation. It deliberately putting the Law of Attraction into action ~ like always attracts like. 
By thinking on purpose with clarity and intention you will shift your dominate vibration to that of faith, confidence and belief.
The mind is an extremely powerful instrument of creation; in fact, everything in life that is attainable begins with a thought first—including a hard body! 
That’s because all thoughts are energy which goes out into the Universe and organizes matter which is then attracted back to you—in all areas of life.

Letting Go
Did you know that it's easier to think negative thoughts than to think positive thoughts? That is because the mind is always in protection & survival mode. Seeing the negative shows danger signs which edify the brain’s natural defense mechanism brought about by scared thoughts, which can become a belief.
Let go of negativity by realizing the priceless life lessons learned and then focus on achievement and success. To become optimistic you must learn to love yourself fully and trust in God's ability to assist you as you choose to allow all good to come to you.
To do this follow your heart each day and learn to trust yourself fully without hesitation. Doing so will allow your higher-self to lead your thoughts which will directly affect your body in letting go of fat and will have a strong desire to exercise and eat wholesome foods regularly.
Your body, the world around you directly reflects back to you your most habitual thoughts. All things begin with thought, then cultivated into action until thought became a manifested creation. 
All of your habitual thoughts become things in one way or another. You can look at the circumstances in your life and know what your strongest belief system is. Are you pleased with what you have created so far? If you are, congratulations! If you are not, don’t despair; realize that your current reality is of your past thoughts you can change your future by changing your thoughts.
You can create new thoughts of health and fitness by letting go of limiting thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself that does not serve you. 
Your future can be bright and exciting, filled with wondrous experiences, love, joy and immense abundance but only if you choose to have demanding positive mental attitude of thankfulness and appreciation. 
Focus on Your Dreams
Focus on what you goals and dreams as though you were living your that which now to reprogram your brain by identifying your negative thoughts and replacing them with five to seven positive thoughts to defuse that memory, pretty soon you will have no emotional pull to it. You will feel free and filled with joy! 
Being positive and seeing your life positively than you will activate the neural resonance in the brain, and then you will have connection and cooperation with all you need to manifest your dreams.
Focus on your goals each day, see yourself as you desire. Learn how to release the desire to react and allow yourself to reflect on your inner emotions to be able to act consciously. If you try to fight negative emotions you will be stuck try your energy, leaving you lifeless in spirit and desire.
Be mindful of consciously choose your thoughts by practicing it having a positive mental attitude you desire which will allow your brain to work optimally in attracting that which is needed to bring your dreams to fruition.
Believe In You!
Believe in all that you are. Love everything about you. Look yourself in the eyes and say “I LOVE YOU!” each new  day. You are an amazing human being filled with infinite wisdom and pure positive energy, just as you were created. 
Sometimes life’s worries overshadow our divine truths, believe in your magnificence to shine by radiating your true essence with to chase the shadows away. 
You were created to become all that you desire to be, you were created to have a fullness in joy, peace and happiness. So do yourself a favor and allow your inner light of brilliant energy shine brightly about you by having a positive mental attitude and by living in the present moment.
Believe in your innate abilities to create your body just as you desire it to be.  Trust God by walking in hope and faith daily as you embrace your fitness journey to success.
YOU have what it takes to create the lifer of your dreams. You can create a lean, healthy, hard body that you’re proud of. Use the endless power of your mind to manifest your dreams into your reality!

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Have a magical day living your dreams! To your success!

Carol Whitaker

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