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In today's world life is beyond busy, as a wife, mother & entrepreneur I know how crazy life can be.  It is truly a balancing act to care for my family, home, horses, work and me... If I'm not careful it's easy to fall into the feelings of being overwhelmed with all I have to do each day. It's easy to let the cares of the world get in the way of living a life filled with immense joy and inner-peace.
It's easy to put yourself aside and only care for your family, friends and loved ones, but when you do that you're not honoring "you" which does not allow you to be the best you can be for those you love.  By neglecting your dreams and desires it neglects your truth within.


Life is meant to be enjoyed and embraced in all areas.  How often do you find yourself working all day or just doing the same routines day in and day out?  Do you feel uplifted and full of energy by living behind a computer or working endless hours?  Do you often find that at the end when your loved ones need you most you're too tired to really sit and listen to what they have to say, need or want?

Most often than not when you fall into stagnant water it's because you do not have balance in your life; your body, mind and spirit are not connected thus causing inner turmoil and self-doubt.  When we become beleaguered or discouraged it's because we're not taking time out of our busy schedule to time for R&R and quality family time.  When you put your priorities in order the world around you becomes more simplistic and abundant. 

Living a joyful life is about going with the flow of living in harmony with your higher self. It by allowing the simplicity of life to flow with you as you embrace each new day with a smile on your face. Living your life on purpose will bring about tranquility as you flow downstream, taking the path of least resistance, admiring the beautiful scenery along the way. Your life experiences are not meant to fight against the white rapids of life but rather learning to understand how to live life with intention, love and excitement.

The more you express gratitude for the beautiful blessings in your life the more you will be in harmony God, your high-self which attracts back to you more to be grateful for.  You deserve all the love, joy, prosperity and inner-peace your heart longs for.  Take time to give thanks for all the miraculous blessings in your life to begin living a happier more joyful life today!


Your true essence is your spirit within your beautiful body ~ your higher-self, of which is the greater part of you, your spirit and physical self are intricately intertwined.  When you live life on purpose listening to your heart as your guide you will be living through your true essence. Your true essence is pure energy and light.  Your spirit longs for spirituality more so than your body craves food and sleep.  How often do you take time to reflect on your higher self?

When you connect and balance the body, mind and spirit you will be living your life on purpose. You will be able to create the life and body of your dreams more easily and with less effort.  If you feel out of sorts, depressed, sad or frustrated it's a signal from your spirit letting you know that you're off track spiritually.   Our bodies are perfectly aligned with our higher self, when we are out of balance or off course with your goals and dreams, your emotions and physical being will signal to you that you are off course… you will have negative emotions, such as being sick, overwhelmed or stressed.

On the flip side, when you feel elated, free of cares and concerns, vibrant and cheerful those are innate feelings manifesting that you are indeed on the right path.  Happiness & joy are the foundation of all positive creations.  

You cannot create the life and body of your dreams is you have constantant negative emotions.  If you are feeling lost and stuck then now is the time to take your life into your own hands by taking control of your thoughts and emotions.  Your higher self knows all which is to come, it radiates into your reality with feelings of joy as well as it is your divine intuition which you were born with.

You can have more clarity in all areas of your life if you turn to God for guidance and direction knowing and believing that he is in the details of your life.  His tender mercies are all around you each day.  If you take the time to look for them and acknowledge them with a thankful heart you will soon find that you will have much more to be thankful for!



What are you passionate about? What stirs your soul to complete and utter joy? Do you have a Hobbies that brings you pleasure? What do you like to do?

Often time’s people don't take time to live their unfulfilled childhood dreams; they really don't know what they love to do. If you have forgotten what brings happiness in doing something that you love then take time to sit down and discover your truth and desires that are in your heart.

Each day do what makes you truly happy. Take time to fill your heart with happiness and allow the wonderful blessings of life fill your heart and home. Keep an attitude of gratitude and love what you do. Be true to you by honoring your hearts desires ~ make you time a top priority in your life. If you do you will be a better, happier, more loving wife, mother and friend.


Put family first always! When you allow life to take over your tender moment in time with your spouse and children you are blocking out the essence of life. Family is everything. If you don't have a happy, loving family you won't have a happy life.

Make your home a refuge from the world. Play beautiful music and light a delicious smelling candle to set the tone for your home. Keep it clean and clutter free. You can look at your surroundings, your home, car, work space as well as your body and know how you truly feel inside. If your home is a mess you have much confusion and cluttered thoughts of emotion within. To change that, begin to have more loving, forgiving and charity in your heart. Release negativity from your thoughts; replace them with positive thoughts of gratitude.  

You'll soon find that you'll have the desire to clean more and to take more time caring for you as well. Always be your best for your family. Speak kindly to one another. Dress and care for yourself each day as though you were going out on a date for the first time with your spouse. Let him know that you care. Make quality family time a top priority and tell them how much you love and appreciate them each day.


We all have our inner-child within us. Too often as adults we forget what brings us ultimate joy. By embracing the fun, childhood side of you your life will become more alive and vibrant once again as it was when you were a child. For me it's the love of horses. I've always loved horses, as a child I would daydream about owning a big black horse, but that dream did not come true... until I became a wife and mother.

My inner-child is passionate about Friesians. I have been blessed with a majestic Friesian stallion, Apollo, he's my baby. He's truly breathtaking and has a heart of gold. He brings immense peace and joy into my life. When I'm down I just go out to my barn and love on him and I instantly feel happier. Each day I spend time with my horses my spirit it touched deeply.

When I'm giving my horses a hug or going for a ride they enlighten my spirit in a powerful, spiritual way, are literally a divine gift from above and powerfully connects with my inner-child. They are always there for me as my best friends and love me unconditionally. I make it a point to be with them daily to refresh and renew my energy level. Do what you love that brings happiness into your life daily doing so will increase feel-good endorphins in your brain which will also increase your immune system and self esteem.


You can look at your friends and know what type of person you are and what energies you radiate to others. "Like always attracts like", it's a universal law. If you're not proud of your friends and it's time to regroup and ponder who you are. Let go of friendships that suck your energy or bring you down. If you're always trying to help someone who is constantly complaining and needing your approval and support you will feel weak and sad more often.

Surround yourself with powerful, happy, positive friends that make you want to be a better person. And in return be that kind of friend. Surround yourself with people that bring you up and support you in your goals and dreams.


Your thoughts are extremely powerful use them to create a brighter, happier future by thinking on purpose.  What you think about most you bring about. So if you don't like what you've attracted so far then change your thoughts to that of powerful creative thoughts. Focus on the good in your life, be thankful for all that you are and have, and then expect miracles each and every day by looking for the tender mercies from above

Don't forget to pray... when you pray you will shift your energy into a much higher and more powerful way of being which aligns you with the power and vibration of creation.  When you talk to the Lord with a thankful heart it signifies that you truly believe that He is with you and always answers your prayers.  Communication throughout the day with the heavens will bring much enlightenment and more joy into your life by connecting your higher self with higher powers that are not of this world.  Isn’t that exciting!

Then forgive and forget those whom you have perceived to had done your wrong and also forgive yourself this will free your soul from bondage. Resentment is a low vibration which will put toxic energy throughout your body. When you forgive freely you are setting your soul free, and that is a gift that only you can give to you.

By following these simple tips you will begin to live a more fulfilling, joyful life. Take time each day to follow your bliss by doing what you love.  Laugh with your family and friends often by sharing quality time together.  Embrace life to the fullest by allowing all good things to come to your ~ by harnessing the power of your thoughts and by giving thanks daily for all the wondrous blessings in your life.

Carol Whitaker

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