Sunday, October 7, 2012



There's nothing more empowering than feeling and looking your best. Having a lean physique is not only attractive but it's uplifting to your body, mind & spirit. You can do so much more when you're stronger and in shape. If you struggle with finding time to go the the gym then creating your own home gym may be the answer. 

The only way to achieve a fit physique is to thoroughly commitment to living my LivFit Lifestyle. Exercising 5 to 6 days a week is critical to enable you to accomplish your fitness goals and dreams. By doing 30 to 45 minutes of cardio each morning, weight lifting and eating a clean diet you can transform your physique. Anyone can achieve their fitness goals and dreams - including YOU!

I attained my fitness dreams by working out in my home gym using dumbbells, I haven't stepped foot in a gym since I got married over 20 years ago. You don't need fancy equipment to transform your physique.

Creating a home gym can be done on any budget, you don't have to buy all the equipment at once just the essentials will do in the beginning.  

All you need are:

  • Challenging dumbbells
  • A full-length mirror and 
  • An incline bench, 
  • A water bottle and
  • An iPod  or stereo to keep you pumped as your train
  • You can add to it as needed...

Having a home gym is highly rewarding on so many levels, not only does it make it easier to workout on a regular basis, but you can train alone. You can create a time each morning where you can go workout and focus on your goals as you train each morning. 

I made my own personal gym years ago, here is a video of what mine looks like. I love having my own gym in my basement, I haven’t stepped foot in a public gym since I got married. 

My home gym is my favorite room in my house it’s my private time to focus on my fitness goals and dreams. When I workout I do so intentionally. I focus on my goals, I visualize my dreams and I give thanks for gifts in my life. 

Working out is a huge stress release and it builds confidence. I'm proud of myself when I workout. I love to workout alone without interruption and distraction from others as I mentally laser in on each muscle group being worked.

If you want to create a home gym then create it. Choose a room in your house that isn't used and turn it into your gym. By having a home gym you will more likely to workout often and you will reap the beautiful benefits from doing so. 

Happy training!

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