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We all want a slim midsection yet for some it is often more difficult to achieve because belly fat is generally the last part of the body to lose weight. Genetics obviously have a big role to play in it; ho

wever, we are responsible for what we eat. 

If you have a large belly odds are that you are insulin resistant. That means your body cannot process carbohydrates in your diet so it is stores it as fat. The best diet to shrink your midsection is a high protein and veggies with selected low glycemic index fruits. 

Aim for having at least 20 to 30 grams of protein with each meal & snack. Eat a small amount of almonds and walnuts. Have Omega’s or fish oil to aid in weight loss. 

Drink lots of purified water to keep you well hydrated, to raise your metabolism and to remove toxins from your body. 


It all comes down to moving more and eating less. We all long for more energy, when you move more you will get more energy naturally. You’ll be more inclined to exercise too. 

Make exercise a high priority in your life--stive to exercise for 20 to 45 minutes each day. Even if you don't have the energy to truly hit the gym you can burn more calories by staying active. 

Walking is a great way to stay active, when you walk do so with energy, walk fast, it will burn more calories and you'll get more things done during the day too. Here are a few ways to incorporate more steps into your day. 


Aim for walking 10,000 steps a day by incorporating these simple tips…. 

• Park at the back of a parking lot.
• Walk to your mailbox.
• Take your dog for a walk.
• Go for a walk with your family daily. 
• Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
• Speed walk on a treadmill each morning.
• Take a walk in the park
• Go for a walk on your lunch break.
• Walk with a friend on the weekends
• Do yard work.
• Clean your house.
• Clean your garage.
• Walk the Malls ~ window shopping can be a lot of fun.


If you watch what you eat and avoid carbs you will shrink your midsection with ease. Get your carbs by eating an apple a day which is healthy and filled with fiber along with eating fresh green vegetables. 

Visualize your success see your midsection getting slimmer each new day. What you visualize you materialize, so think with intention of accomplishing your ideal body weight.

You can achieve your goals and dreams but only if you honor and believe in you! Make you number one in your life. Care for your body as a treasure. 

By honoring your body you will become healthier, happier and more vibrant, which will naturally attracts more to be thankful including having a slim figure. 

Believe in your ability to accomplish your fitness goals. You can shrink your waistline by following these simple tips. And remember, YOU CAN do it!

Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach 
Author of the forthcoming book, "Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams"

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