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I'm often asked how I have stayed motivated after all these years. For me feeling fit and thin is what keeps me motivated day after day--I began my fitness journey over 20 years ago and I still love my LivFit Lifestyle.

Staying motivated takes daily determination and dedication of which all begins with using the power of the mind.  Mind power is our greatest asset in reaching our goals.  I visualize my physique as though I already achieved my desired weight and size. I set goals and follow through and I stay positive even when life is frustrating or when I’m not feeling my best.

To be successful in achieving your weight loss goals begin by setting 5 short term goals that touches base on all areas of your life, have a goal for your body, mind, spirit, love/relationships and finances. Having a focused mindset on your goals and dreams will create a beautiful pathway before you to more easily achieve your goals.  


Are you ready to take control of your life and physique once and for all?  Then now is the time to become the master of your mind to enable you to create the life of your dreams. 

When you're in control of your mind you will be in control of your life, which directly influences your body.  When you're highly stressed you are more likely to turn to junk food which only leaves you feeling more frustrated and lethargic.  That's why setting goals for each area of your life will help you take hold of your desires of getting into shape more easily.  When you begin to work towards your goals you will soon become more confident and satisfied with your life.  

To begin your new journey of fitness start by paying attention to your feelings, what are you thinking and feeling right now?   What are your habitual thoughts?  Are you a positive or pessimistic person?  By transforming thoughts and feelings from lack and deprivation to that of gratitude and abundance you will shift your brainwaves to thinking more positive thoughts naturally which will then attract to you that which is wanted, including a healthy body.  


Your body is a direct reflection of your thoughts and feelings.  So if you want to get in shape then take time to think about how you want to exercise and then take time to exercise daily.  If you want to lose weight then consciously think about what you put in your mouth.  Fill your refrigerator with fresh fruits and veggies, eat healthy whole foods and throw out the toxic junk foods in your pantry. 

As you embark on your fitness journey do so with a positive mindset about your beautiful body, think "I get to exercise" rather than "I have to" which is resistance.  Thank and love your body every day as though it were a third person.  Before long your body will rise to the occasion of feeling healthier and stronger and you will come to find that you actually "want" to exercise each day.  

When you live a fit lifestyle you will be happier and more energetic which is the building blocks for transforming your physique, and you'll soon have the desire to want to exercise each morning, you'll begin to crave healthy foods, and you'll attract more goodness into your life.  It's highly rewarding when you begin to reap the awesome benefits of living a fit lifestyle.  


You may have heard the saying “like attracts like”-- it’s true--even for your body.  Everything you do begins with a perceived thought, including how your think about yourself.   If you're constantly putting yourself down, then your body will always be low in energy and will constantly crave fatty foods.  However, if you think positively then your body will rise to the occasion of manifesting the positive thoughts and feeling you think about most.  

So if you think negatively and have limiting beliefs than no matter how much you want to be fit and thin you will continue to self-sabotage your efforts which will prevent you from achieving your goals, which causes more upsets and desperation in the long run.


Use the power of your mind to embrace living a fit lifestyle.  Love all that you are by being kind to yourself and speaking positively.  Believe in your gifts and abilities to become all that you wish to be—including living a healthy lifestyle.  You can achieve your fitness goals and dreams!  Anyone can!  It's just a matter of putting yourself first and allowing your radiant light to shine brightly from within, and to do that, is by choosing to be happy now

Create a clear road map to success by setting and working towards attainable goals, write them down and read them daily.  Focus on your dreams as though you have already achieved them and then follow through with your intention of being happier, healthier and more fit.   YOU have what it takers to accomplish your goals and dreams. Embrace your new found journey each step of the way...

~Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach

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