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Carol Whitaker


Training shoulders & arms is my favorite muscle groups to train ~ there's nothing quite like seeing and appreciating the hard work that went into developing well sculpted, shapely arms & shoulders.   It’s an incredible feeling to look in the mirror and see defined biceps, triceps and shoulders.  Not only do I feel empowered when I'm lean but I’m able to pick up heavy items without straining my muscles, it’s an awesome feeling to say the least!

I love working my shoulders & arms because the results are so visible, they’re the glamour muscles, it’s highly rewarding to say the least to feel & be strong. Not only do sculpted arms look more attractive in my clothes, but it's an awesome feeling to be strong a mother.  I remember vividly when I began increasing my strength years ago I could pick two of my young children at once and put one on each hip, that’s when I knew this was the only way to live.  It was exhilarating to be strong and fit, that was years ago, and I still loving my LivFit Lifestyle.

Strength training is a must to accomplish a lean physique, but training alone won’t create the physique which you desire, it also take self disciple in the kitchen.  When you’re training think thoughts of your body as being an incredible machine of precision and fine craftsmanship.  Fuel you powerful machine with proper nutrition that it requires to run at optimal performance.  Eat small meals consisting of lean protein, complex carbs and lots of fresh veggies every few hours.

Below is an excellent workout to get cut, sexy shoulders and arms.  Be positive when you workout and have fun!  The more you enjoy it the more you'll do it!


·         Always begin each strength training workout with a 10 minute warm up and stretch before lifting weights and five minutes of cool down & stretching post workout. 

·          3 & 5 are the number of sets, 8-12 are the number of repetitions

·         If you want size lift heavy weights 8 to 10 reps, if you want toning lift medium weight 12 to 15 reps.

·         Use the first set as a warm up, use lighter weight and then increase weight


5 x 8-15 Single Bicep Curls with a Hammer Down

5 x 8-15 Single Bicep Curls

5 x 8-52 Single Over Head Triceps Extensions (triceps)

5 x 8-15 Alternating Dumbbell Incline Bench Press Bicep Curls

5 x 20-40 Triceps Dips

5 x 8-15 Alternating Concentrated Bicep Curls


5 x 8-15 Shoulder Press

5 x 8-15 Dumbbell Flyes (use lighter weights)
5 x 8-15 Dumbbell bent over Flyes
            5 x 8-15 Alternating Shoulder Press

5 x 8-15 Arnold Dumbbell Press

            Optional: 20 minutes cardio post strength training

If you lift weights at least 3 times a week and eat a healthy, clean diet you will be able to reshape and sculpt your shoulders and arms of that of your dreams.  You can say good-bye to jiggly under arms flab once and for all!
Happy training! 

     Carol Whitaker


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