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Motivation is the key to achieve success in all areas of life.  It’s what spurs us to action, in wanting and desiring to achieve and have more in our lives.  Too often people wish for change but they do not believe in their own power to achieve that which they dream about. 

 If you want to be healthier then you have to think positive happy thoughts of health.  You can’t feel sick and tired all the time and expect to have the energy to workout, it just won’t happen.  You always become what you think about most.  You can look at your life now and know what your past habitual thoughts have been regarding every aspect of your life. 

Beginning an exercise program can seem overwhelming to some people, but only because they look at the big picture and all it entails.  It doesn’t have to be a “jump in with both feet” experience you can begin slowly and just focus on changing a couple of things in your life that will guide you to achieving your goals and dreams. 


I hear all kinds of excuses why people don’t exercise and why their day is just too busy to fit it in. Then they complain about how yucky they feel about their weight and their body image isn’t that great.  Well, it all comes down to caring enough about you to take charge of your health and wellness now!

As with everything in life you have to prioritize what’s most important to you.  If improving your health & wellness by losing weight is one of your desires then you have to make time for exercise each day and decide now that eating healthy is a gift that only you can give your body. 

What are your goals and dreams you want to have be and do in the next 6 months?  If you don’t know take time to ponder it, write down exactly what you would like to accomplish with great detail.  Then set attainable goals that will keep you on track for having success in reaching your goals.

Make fitness a priority!  Your body craves fitness just as much as it craves sleep and proper nutrition.  Aim for exercising just 20 minutes a day, everyone can fit in 20 minutes, if you have to wake up 30 minutes earlier and exercise first thing in the morning.  By making simple lifestyle changes you'll have more energy, you’ll feel happier and healthier as well as you'll feel empowered and have more self-confidence. Here are some motivating tips to assist you in getting moving today!


Schedule your workouts on your calendar as you would a business meeting. If you can workout first thing in the morning that’s perfect! You’ll have it done for the day and have a feeling of self fulfillment, it’s a great feeling. You’ll also have extra energy to get you through the day.

Write down 5 short term goals in the present tense followed by a completion date. Create a detailed plan for success. Be specific such as, "I workout 30 minutes each day." or "I eat a small balanced meal every 3 hours." Then see yourself as though you have already accomplished your goals. Feel what it feels like to be at your perfect body weight, imagine your world as you want it to be.

Choose a gym close to home or create your own gym. All you need are dumbbells, a bench and a mirror and you’ll have your very own gym right at home! Create your gym by making it fun; have a fitness poster to motivate you, have a TV & a DVD player to follow along with your favorite workouts, or have a radio to play music loudly to add liveliness to your workouts.

Love everything about you. Loving yourself unconditionally will open your heart to believing in you! I always say "Believe in your dreams because dreams really do come true!" If it’s your dream to be fit and thin then BELIEVE YOU ARE NOW. Our minds are very powerful. By loving and believing in you all things are possible.

Be grateful for your body as it is now. Give thanks as though you have already accomplished your fitness and wellness goals. See yourself as the perfect health, size, shape and weight as you aspire to be. The more you are grateful for the more you'll have to be grateful for!

Journal keeping is imperative for fitness and weight loss success. Having a journal for diet and exercise is a great way to track your growth and improvements. Using a diet journal holds you accountable for everything you eat & drink, it will help you immensely. Be honest and write down everything you eat. You'll begin to think twice about what you put in your mouth.

Having a buddy system is a huge benefit to assist you in your weight loss efforts. Tell all of your family and friends your goals and then you will feel less likely to want to overeat at a family gathering or social events with your friends. Exercise with a friend, it’s so much more fun to workout with friends. Surround yourself with people that believe in you and that will support you in your fitness goals and dreams.

Hire a fitness guru to help you learn how to properly plan your meals and exercise routines. Be selective; follow your heart in choosing the right coach or trainer for you. There are all sorts of trainers and coaches from yoga to bodybuilding to choose from. Finding the right one for you will give you more self-confidence in the gym and more will-power at home. Being accountable to someone who you look up to will skyrocket you to success.

Sleep is an imperative to achieving a lean, fit body. Your body repairs worked muscle tissues during sleep. Try to get to bed by 10:30 pm each evening so your body can recover properly. You’ll not only have more energy the next day but you’ll feel stronger too!

Start your fitness plan today. Follow through with your goals, journal writing and exercise routine daily. Set your goals, write down a timeline when you will reach your goals, then reward yourself when you do. Get a pedicure, see a movie you've always wanted to see, or read a good book.

If you commit to staying motivated and on top of your game by exercising regularly you will soon discover that it will become a way of life. Staying motivated is a mindset. Believe in yourself and enjoy the new you!

Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach

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