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Having a six pack is awesome!  There's nothing quite like it, it's highly empowering.  I'm often asked how I achieved my six pack. It may seem like a lofty goal but very achievable with hard work, endurance,  and determination in addition to eating a clean diet.

You can have a tight, sexy midsection by following my Six-Pack AbS program. It's a lot of work and it definitely requires a lifestyle change, you can't workout like crazy, eat junk food and expect to see results.  

Committing to living a fit lifestyle is a must, if you stay on track and truly stay focused on your goals you will have a killer washboard stomach within 90 days (if you don't have a lot of weights to lose and if you do it will just take you a bit longer).

It's not easy, but it's well worth your time and energy to work towards such a lofty goal. You have to be patient, it takes time to burn all the fat that is covering your desired midsection. If you gain weight first in your midsection that will be the last place you lose it.  

So be patient, you may achieve your goal before 90 days or it may take you a little longer, either way if you achieve the desired six pack in the end it will be all worth it, by honoring your goals and attaining your dream you will have more self-confidence and inner power than ever before. 


Do you have a burning desire for change?  Are you willing to commit to changing your lifestyle for good?  Are you ready to be in the best shape of your life?  If so then you have what it takes to reach your goals.  

If you carry your weight mainly around the middle then it will take you a bit longer to see your awesome six-pack than those that carry their weight around the lower body. Don't be discouraged, just realize where you gain weight first will be the last place you lose it. 

Below is my six-pack abs workout to help you achieve your fitness goals. 


Crunches - With your legs up in the air at a 90-degree angle lift your shoulders up keeping your chin off your chest, place hands gently behind your head.

Twist Crunches - Reach with your elbow across your body to the opposite knee keeping your knees in the air at a 90-degree angle, do these slow and controlled.

Mason Twist - With your legs and torso up in the air clasp your hands in front of your abs and touch the floor quickly on either side of your body while stabilizing your core.

V-Ups - Lay on your back raise your legs and torso at a 90-degree angle hold for 30 to 60 seconds and release back down to beginning position.

Planks - Lay on your stomach on the floor, lift your body up on arms with your forearms and hands flat on the floor toes and hands, hold for 30 to 60 seconds

Always stretch after you train and drink plenty of water before and after training.  Also drink a whey protein drink and have a piece of fruit after all training to ensure your muscles have the needed nutrients to repair quickly.


You have to follow through to get results you're hoping for. To help you lose weight faster drink Liv Sxinney Max and Go Nitrimax (L-arginine & BCCA supplement) into your daily supplements for maximum definition. Having a shredded six pack isn't only attractive but it's essential for optimal health & fitness. 

(To learn more about Liv Sxinney Max & Go Nitrimax visit, to get 20% Off with "Liv Promo Code" at checkout.)

Do yourself a favor and resolve to get in the best shape of your life this year! Stop procrastinating and believe in YOU!  Focus your attention on loving every aspect of your body. Each day do something relaxing & enjoyable, take the time to pamper yourself.

By balancing the body, mind and spirit you'll be more confident, feel healthier, and live a happier life. Believe that you can have an awesome six pack. If you stay true to yourself and do my Six Pack Abs program by exercising regularly and eating clean, you will have fantastic results. Stay positive and believe in your dreams... Dreams really do come true!

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Liv Fit! Train Hard! Liv Happy!

Carol Whitaker


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