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Make the Best of Today

Do you recall a time when you thought, "What a coincidence!" Often what we might have thought of as an amazing coincidence is actually in reality a blessing from above that was perfectly orchestrated as a form of a miracle in our life. 

Can you think of a time when you knew that to be true?

Look back over the last several months of your life, when was the last time you received a tender mercy? What miracle was it?

Joy & happiness comes by having contentment in your heart. How can one be content when everything seems so out of sorts you may ask… It comes by appreciating the little things in life.

Focus on all the blessings that your divine creator has blessed you with. He knows what we need – He knows where we are needed. Each path leads us on a glorious journey, if we are continually grateful for all the good in our life He will continue to bless us with much abundance.

Having an attitude of gratitude will literally open doors where there were only walls… And you will soon find that you will have much more to be grateful for! He knows your heart better than you do. He knows the greatness that is in store for you. He will graciously pour down many miracles upon you if you but allow & believe that countless blessings are indeed in store for you.

Rejoice in your current situation. Give thanks for the life lessons learned. Then walk in faith knowing that the Lord is by your side each step of the way… Be happy by being content…

Carol Whitaker

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