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Do you dream of being fit, thin, happy & strong?
Do you believe in your divine abilities to truly be able to accomplish your goals & dreams?

Dreams litearlly do come true if you believe & take the steps necessary to succeed.

Many people look at my life and think I have it all but in reality they don't know how often I struggle with chronic fatigue on a daily basis.  I use to have self doubt and ate the wrong foods too...

But then one day I had an awakening and realized that I truly had divinity within me which meant that I was a creator! I could take charge of my health & wellness to transform my body & my life and so I did! I started out with baby steps at first which lead to bigger and bigger steps soon I found myself running free ~ it was a glorious feeling beyond expression!


You can release limiting thoughts & beliefs and YOU can lose weight! Anyone can! It's just a matter of shifting your thought process and belief system about yourself from limiting energy to empowering energy, just as I did many, many years ago. If you truly implement the guidelines, tips & tricks I have on my blog
You too CAN accomplish your dreams in ALL areas of your life!

I use my powerful creative thoughts each and every day to create the life of my dreams. I do it to accomplish my fitness & weight loss goals as well as for all that my heart desires.

That’s how I was able to get my dream horse, Xander, a magnificent Friesian! I envisioned him as already being mine on a daily basis. I saw him in my minds eye and felt in my heart what it was like having him living in my barn, I saw & felt myself grooming him and riding him in the wind, I did that throughout the day. An each night when I went to bed and I felt his love and the warm of loving him.

I also used the same process to obtain my lean physique. I ALWAYS see myself as fit, strong & healthy. I think and say my positive affirmation aloud & silently often throughout the day with love and gratitude to Heavenly Father as though I’ve already achieved my goals ~ I literally feel the feelings of already having that which I deeply desire.

That is the key secret to success ~ is to “feel” the emotions of already having all that your heart desires. Feeling joy & happiness will skyrocket your dreams to become a reality in your life!


It's a matter of loving you enough to take charge of your health and fitness today! Our bodies do NOT like excess food, fat & calories, when you reach for so called "comfort foods" you'll find that 90% of the time you're more tired and depressed than before you ate the empty calories ~ which means you're eating emotionally instead of truly feeding & nurturing your body with foods it craves to live a full life filled with happiness & vitality.

If you need an added support to begin living a healthier way of life consider drinking Liv Sxinney, it is made of chlorophyll & fulvic minerals – the building blocks of life. It will give you more energy and will assist in shifting how you feel emotionally along with helping you desire healthy foods. It also assist in weight loss and curbing cravings as well it has anti-inflammatory properties. I love it and drink it all day long every day! It’s delicious and very refreshing.

I hope you take time today to listen to your heart and then to take the action necessary to begin to achieve your dreams; that will be the first step in transforming your physique & your life in miraculous ways.

Believe in YOU! I DO!

~ Carol Whitaker
Embrace Your Journey to Success
Lifestyle Fitness Consultant & Coach
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