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$25 LIV Start Up Special!

Liv Membership Special

From now until the end of July, the price of the Liv Membership is only $25!


Do you want to get in shape, lose weight and feel confident in a swimming suit? Then now's the time to look into becoming a distributor for Liv International promoting Liv Sxinney to get it at wholesale pricing. Trust me it works!  And not to mention you can also make a excellent second income if you choose to do it as a business.

I haven't been able to work out for over 3 months due to tendonitis in both elbows.  Needless to say I was so upset when I was diagnosed and I was also scared that I'd lose my lean physique that I worked so hard to achieve, but then I realized that I have a secret weapon - Liv Sxinney & GO!

I'm proud to report that not only have I sustained my ripped six pack abs but I've also lost weight too!  I couldn't be more pleased.  I seriously cannot stress all the benefits of Liv Sxinney & how it truly is life changing in so many miraculous ways.

If you're interested in signing up and want to give it a try, contact me and I'll send you an application. (It's also comes with a money back guarantee if you decide it's not for you.)

Give yourself the gift of health, success & more money in your pocket. Sign up for Liv today! =)

Until next time... Liv Fit, Train Hard & Liv Happy

~Carol Whitaker
"Embrace Your Journey to Success"

P.S. ~ Below are details on the health benefits of drinking Liv Sxinney...

Liv SXinney®

The Flagship Product
Get it. Drink it. Lose it.

Liv SXinney is a concentrated blend of chlorophyll and fulvic minerals. You add the concentrate to water and drink it all day long. It balances your energy levels, gives you the needed minerals your body needs to feel healthy, and it tastes great. Drinking Liv SXinney literally floods your body with optimal nutrition.

Benefits of Chlorophyll and Fulvic Minerals:

•Deodorizes, detoxifies and balances energy levels
•Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
•Maintains proper body system balance

•May improve immune system response

•Helps to reduce cravings for sweets

There is so much that can be said for this product: how it hydrates your body, taking away thirst cravings that can often be mistaken for hunger pangs. When you drink Liv SXinney, you are retraining your body to know the difference between thirst and hunger.

Liv SXinney Samples or SXinney Minnies

1 oz. packets for on the go

Another huge plus in Liv SXinney is the fulvic minerals. Our soils have been so depleted over the years by over-farming, the use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides, that even the very best fruits and vegetables do not have the minerals that we need on a daily basis. The body’s weight related functions, like appetite, hunger, metabolic rate, metabolism of fats and sugars, blood-glucose levels, calorie-burning, and so on, operate more efficiently when we have an optimum intake of minerals. Liv SXinney is full of fulvic minerals which are harvested from ancient plant beds rich in the minerals we need. When you drink Liv SXinney all day long, you are flooding your body with a constant source of healthy minerals.

Liv SXinney is full of chlorophyll and what it does for the human body is amazing. It helps increase stamina and endurance which will help your success with a regular exercise program. When you drink Liv SXinney all day long, your body remains hydrated, mineral levels remain steady, and this gives you an excellent foundation upon which to build the Liv Style Lifestyle.


Mix 2 oz. of Liv SXinney in 32-64 oz. of water. Drink all day long. Use in conjunction with other Liv Style Lifestyle products.


Fulvic Mineral Concentrate, Chlorophyllins, Purified Water, Methyl Paraben, Spearmint Oil, Propyl Paraben, and Stevia.
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