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Today was my favorite training day of all - arms & chest. I love working arms because the results are so visible and highly rewarding. Not only do sculpted arms look attractive but it's great to be strong a mother. I remember vividly when I began feeling strong and could pick two of my children at once, I'd put one on one hip & the other on my other hip. It was awesome!

I worked out hard and I'm now looking forward to a relaxing weekend with my family. The weekends are my down time, I'm more lsayed back and enjoy healthy snacks more often. My favorite snack isthat I make is popped popcorn, we enjoy it as a family when we play games or watch movies; I love spending quality time with my family. And after a long week of training, working, taking care of my family & horses I look forward to getting some much needed R&R... =)


5 x 8-12 Single Bicep Curls with a Hammer Down

5 x 8-12 Single Bicep Curls

5 x 8-12 Single Over Head Triceps Extensions (triceps)

5 x 8-12 Dumbbell Bench Press

5 x 20 Triceps Dips

3 x 15 Military Push-ups

Optional: 20 minutes cardio


Everyone knows that eating a diet low in fat will shed weight as well as maintain a lean physique. But a lot of people don't know how to cut down on fat & extra calories. Here are a few examples of how to eat smarter without sacrificing taste.

Low-Fat Cooking Tips

• Use Pam cooking spray instead of butter or oil.

• Use Wishbone Salad Spritzer on salads & fresh veggies, it has only one calorie per spray and zero fat.

• Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar for salad dressing, it has the good fats that your body needs.

• Rather than using sugar in your baking us Agave Nectar, it's a low glycemic index food that's sweeter than sugar! And you only need 1/2 the amount of the sugar called for in a recipe.

• When baking always use butter in place of Crisco (your body knows how to process butter) and use only 1/4 to 1/2 the fat called for in any recipe.

• Use applesauce in place of butter when baking, it makes for a light fluffy texture.

• Use whole wheat flour in place of all flour called for in recipes. You'll have more flavor and extra fiber and nutrients to keep your system moving.

• Use Cinnamon to add flavor as well as to help keep your blood sugar level.

• Use dark brown sugar, Xylitol, Truvia or Agave nectar in baking; white sugar is loaded with chemicals and will spike insulin. Remember sugar leads to fat! So try to stay away from the sugary snacks that will only make you self sabotage your efforts & goals.

• Use spices & herbs in place of sauces, be creative and mix various spices for more robust flavors.

• Use low-calorie Almond milk (Vanilla flavor is my favorite) in place of milk, it has fewer calories as well as less sugar.

• Use fresh salsa mixed with fat-free cottage cheese or canned tuna or chicken and use fresh cut veggies for chips and salsa, it's delicious and filled with protein, fiber and nutrients!

• Eat lean meats in place of high-fatty meats. Cut off all excess fat off of chicken and red meats. Cook hamburger in water and drain off all the fat and rinse; add spices and sea salt to add flavor.

• For a sweet tooth snack have frozen berries mixed with vanilla protein powder or low-fat yogurt. If you are craving crunchy foods add a tablespoon of slivered almonds to top it off, it's a yummy treat!

• For a salty snack have air popcorn (Orville Redenbacher’s is my choice) with fat-free butter spray and cinnamon. It's high in fiber and also has antioxidant benefits.

These are just a few examples of how to eat fewer calories without feeling deprived of taste. You'll not only lose weight and feel great but you'll find that you'll begin to feel younger too. Many foods mentioned have anti-aging properties that will improve skin, hair and vitality. Use these simple tips & tricks and you'll find that you can enjoy the holidays without the guilt & weight gain.

TOMORROW'S TRAINING: Cardio & Abs (Optional)  DAY 6: Sunday: Rest.

I don't workout on Sundays, it's my day for peaceful inner reflection & going to church each morning with my family. It's highly important to rest after week long training; that includes getting to bed on time every night as well.  After a weekend of R&R you'll be ready for Monday's hard workout lifting weights and doing cardio. During the resting period your muscles will also be recovering so the next time you go to the gym you may see more definition - it's a beautiful thing!

Living the LivFit Lifestyle will literally transform your body & life if you fully embrace it! I hope my blogging has inspired you to move a little more and to eat healthier...

Have a fantastic weekend! I'll chat again on Monday... =)

~Carol Whitaker
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