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I can't believe Halloween is just around the corner, before we know it Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here; with the holidays come family parties, social gatherings which means delicious, tempting treats and that too often equals weight gain!

This year you can literally makeover your metabolism before the holidays. Creating a fast metabolism is all about working with your body rather than against it. Having small meals throughout the day will not only give you more energy but it will also raise your metabolic rate each time you eat.

Low-Carb & Carb-Loading Timing

You can eat delicious foods and lose weight. To jump start a lazy metabolism you just neet to eat the right food combinations to get your metabolism burning. Rotating through carbs cycles will ensure your body does not go into starvation mode which will result in fat stores. Eating small meals often will keep your blood sugars level as well as raise your metabolic rate as you digests the food. And eating low-carb will induce deep fat stores to be burned for energy. So combining low-car & carb-loading during the week will ensure that your metabolism will burn at it's optimal level.

Here's a rundown of how to rotate carbs throughout the week. Four days a week eat 1 complex carb a day, I recommend having oatmeal and a why protein drink for breakfast; eat lean protein and salads & fresh veggies the rest of the day; that's considered low-carb eating. Two days a week have 2 to 3 complex carbs before 3 pm with your small meals. And 1 day a week do carb-load eating which means you can have complex carbs all day long with your meals, including eating a yummy dessert, this is considered a free day. Each day have at least one tablespoon of good fats such as olive oil, flax seed or omega's, it will assist in burning fat, building muscle as well as digestion.

Portion Control is a Must

Portion control is critical in jump starting your metabolism. Have 30 percent protein, 30 percent complex carbs (on carb-load days) and 40 percent fresh veggies and salads. You can also have whey protein shakes for between meal snacks. Use the palm of your hand as a portion guideline to keep you on track.

Hydrate for Metabolic Rate Increase

Along with eating a healthy diet aim for drinking at least 60 to 80 oz of purified water with Liv Sxinney daily, staying hydrated will increase your metabolic rate along with keeping hunger at bay. I recently did my own little Liv Sxinney test, I stopped using Liv Sxinney for two weeks without changing my clean eating or exercise routine. I gained weight and went from a ripped physique to a lean physique - needless to say I was NOT pleased!

Thankful I'm using the Liv Sxinney products again and I'm already feeling fitter and leaner. I literally can't believe how fast my body changed... I will never go without using Liv Sxinney, Go & Crave daily. I love the products and have benefited not only by getting ripped but my health has improved too!

So you can indeed super charge your metabolism before the holidays, if you follow these simple guidelines and drink Liv Sxinney daily you can lose weight, enjoy holiday treats and have a happier holiday season this year.


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