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As a Lifestyle Fitness Coach I have the opportunity to assist many amazing people in their quest for a healthier lifestyle. The rewards for motivating & educating others are unmeasurable. I am extremely grateful for the gifts in my life; I cherish each one of my clients, they're all remarkable and each has touched my life in a special way.

I received a beautiful testimonial from one of my LivFit 12-Week Transformation clients, Jenn Davis, who's spirit & dedication made it possible for her to reach her fitness goals. Jenn is a fire-cracker; she's brilliant, full of happiness and has enthusiasm for life. I was honored to train her and I'm proud of her great success in achieving her goals and dreams.

Jenn now knows that diets are not necessary in achieving health and wellness; living the LivFit Lifestyle is just that a lifestyle! I do not believe in diets & deprivation. Its about honoring your body by choosing to eat clean because that's what the body craves... By balancing the body, mind and spirit dreams becomes reality...

I'm extremely proud of Jenn and know that she will continue to live the LivFit Lifestyle - Congratulations Jenn! You made it!!! xoxo

Jenn's Testimonial
Hi Carol,
Thanks for the notice! I wanted to check in briefly to let you know that our 16 week is about to a hault... I have been horrible at turning my stuff in, but I have learned valuable lessons and am feeling WONDERFUL! I posted my after pix on my livfit profile, check out my face!! amazing!!

What I have gotten out of the livfit transformation has been valuable to my physical and emotional body. I appreciate learning about a different lifestyle that has changed me & my family. I wasn't a horrible eater before, just uneducated about the simple changes that make a difference in our body and how we feel. I have incorporated this lifestyle into my family of 3 kids and my husband. We love to eat healthy, drink our sxinney and enjoy feeling awesome! I don't have my inches tracked, but went down 4 pants sizes in the course of this transformation!! I never thought the shift would happen so fast with how slow my body moved after my 3rd child. I still have work to do on my stomach and some other areas, but I am excited to keep working at my goal size, it helps knowing that I can achieve what I set out to by taking the LIV Sxinney product line and taking action in knowing what will make the difference. This has been a wonderful journey of gaining knowledge & confidence, self growth, love for myself and what I put into my body and best of all... LOSING 18 pds (20, but I put 2 back on recently) and 4 pant sizes!!! Thank you for your love, motivation and leadership to a lifetime of living fit, healthy and abundantly in anyway I choose! I love you dearly!! Jenn Davis
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