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As many of you know I'm a firm believer of setting and accomplishing my goals. When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever. I was on penicillin for 6 years which ultimately destroyed my immune system. Soon after I became very ill and was in bed for most of the day struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I wasn't as happy as I could have been, I didn't have the needed engery to raise my beautiful family as I should. I often look at life as a struggle because of my poor health.

Then one day an answer to my prayers came to my mind as clear as day, I was told to begin exercising daily and to learn all I could about health and nutrition. At first I thought, "How can I? I don't have the energy..." But I knew prompting was divinely given, so I began to study all I could on health and wellness. I researched about energy, diet & exercise. I read tons of books, bought countess DVD'S and CD's, I took classes and wrote in my journal often about what I had learned and how my life and health had improved so dramatically. I couldn't get enough... I soon became a health nut. My family couldn't believe how much healthier I had become - they were amazed and thrilled to have me back on my feet again. I was happier, felt empowered and my self confidence soared. I exercised daily and ate as healthy as I knew how. I also studied all I could about the benefits of supplements and vitamins. I incorporated lots of supplements in addition to eating whole, clean foods to properly fuel and heal my body. I was amazed at how my quality of life improved so dramatically - it was truly miraculous to me.

I was deeply grateful for Heavenly Father's guidance. By following the promptings of the Spirit I regained my life back! My world became bright again, the earth became more radiant, I had tons more energy! I was truly living my life on purpose. Family and friends began asking me what I was doing... they could see the difference in me and wanted to learn how to improve their life too. I began teaching groups of people in my friends homes on how to improve their health and wellness through positive energy and diet. I loved assisting other's and became passionate about it. I soon learned that my life's mission is to motivate, educate and inspire other's to live a happier, healthier life. After all, that's how we were created to be.

That was many years ago... Since then I've been blessed with many wonderful people that have come into my life, I love each one of them and am grateful for their light in my life.

I am passionate about setting attainable goals, believing in positive affirmations, and allowing my dreams to come true. I dream BIG DREAMS! I live my life on purpose, I have an attitude for gratitude in my heart and know that I never walk alone. And for this I am thankful. Life is meant to be joyful, filled with great abundance in all areas of our lives. And without good health one can't fully embrace and enjoy all the bountiful blessings life has to offer.

One of my goals was to be a cover girl; to motivate and inspire other's to live their best life. I created a vision board and put a small picture of a fitness magazine cover on it. I set my intention that I was a cover girl and gave thanks for it. I visualized my face on a fitness magazine and believed I was deserving. A couple of months later I was asked to be a cover girl for PERFECTIFY Magazine, I was honored & thrilled by their generous offer and accepted their kind invitation. I'm now a cover girl! My heart and soul are filled with thankfulness and love. I give thanks for yet another goal & dream that has come to fruition. (You can see read the article written on me at

You too can have your dreams & goals come true if they are meant to be. Dreaming big dreams is a gift. Believe that you are deserving, set clear, laser focused goals and allow your dreams to come true. Always start your dreams, goals & positive affirmations in the present tense, starting with "I am so grateful now that..." Then set a date when you will accomplish them. Read them aloud several times a day with enthusiasm and belief. Remember, everything is energy and the strongest feelings (energy) always wins.

If improving your health and wellness is on your list of to-do's then begin today to love yourself enough to do something about it. Set goals, give thanks often for all the miraculous gifts in your life, then feel the feelings of accomplishing your goals. All things are possible if you only believe....

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