Friday, April 17, 2009



I've had a fantastic week! Since my Healthy Living segment aired last Tuesday I've had the privilege to hear from a lot of amazing people. Each have been a gift in my life and have brought joy to my heart. I feel richly blessed to have been given the opportunity to share my passion of health and wellness with thousands of homes across the nation. I've been edified by incredible individuals who have contacted me. Some have reached out asking for assistance in their weight loss & wellness goals, while others just stopped by to say hi and thanked me for my message and example.

I have to say that I love what I do, I love people! Each new day is truly a gift from above. I always look forward to meeting new friends each morning... I'm a big fan of Facebook, I've made lifelong friends who have touched my spirit deeply. How awesome to have the world at my finger tips... who would have ever thought such things would be possible... :)

I've received a lot of requests for the link to the KUTV segment on my life that aired, so here it is...

I'm grateful for the paths which have been placed before me. Each experience in my life has been for learning and for growth of which made me who I am today and for that I am thankful.
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