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Portion control is essential to master. I’m often asked what to eat to lose weight and build muscle, my answer is to eat small balanced meals every three hours to keep the metabolism burning and blood sugar level. Eating a small meal is just that – smaller portions.

Often time’s people go all day snacking here and there without eating a nutritious meal. By the until the end of the day when they get home from work they're ravenous and end up over eating and soon after feel bloated and very uncomfortable. By eating too many calories at one time the body will utilize the needed calories then store the rest as unwanted glycogen stores – which is fat! The body actually prefers less food, there's a reason why you feel lethargic and heavy after consuming too many calories in one meal - it's your body telling you it doesn't like a lot of food. The best way to know how much food is enough is to eat until you feel satisfied or you're "almost" full. If you feel you could eat a bit more, stop eating! Your body will be able to utilize the calories (if you eat clean) and you will go into muscle building, fat burning mode. It's a great feeling!

To avoid overeating incorporate eating every 3 hours and practice portion control. The size of the “palm” of your hand or a ½ cup is a portion size for meats and complex carbohydrates. You can eat all the fresh veggies you want. Use smaller salad plates rather than a dinner plate in the beginning. Visually the plate will look full so you won’t feel deprived and you’ll feel more satisfied emotionally. It has been scientifically proven that the body prefers smaller meals, less food is best for a longevity and wellness. When going out to eat ask for a carryout carton with your meal, and then place half of your meal in the carton before you begin eating. That way you’ll have your next meal and you’ll save money too.

Until next time, keep moving and live well!
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