Saturday, August 2, 2008

August 2, 2008


Thursday evening was our first Liv Fit SXinney Club support group meeting! My dear friends Heidi, Kellyann and I put it on. My sweet mother came too, I loved having her by my side. She is such a great support in my life. The party was a great success! We had so much fun! Kellyann went over the business side and Heidi went over the products. Then I spoke for over an hour on diet and nutrition. It was awesome! Everyone was excited to learn - I loved it! I discussed how to recognize what triggers overeating and a gameplan on how to handle the situations when they arise. I explained the importance of setting small goals that they could easily obtain. I also had them write 5 postive things they liked about their body along with writing 5 positive affirmations which I asked them to read daily. I also expressed the power of keeping a gratitude journal. It was well received, those who came were absolutely wonderful! I then explain how to eat proper nutrition and how to exercise by doing cardio and weight lifting to obtain optimal physical results. I basically taught them how easy it is to live the Liv SXinney lifestyle. Everyone was writing furiously as I spoke, it was awesome! Each one came up to me after and expressed their appreciation and enthusiasm about our club - I was thrilled!

My passion in life is to assist people in achieving true happiness and abundance in all areas of their lives. And being fit, thin & healthy is an important part of living a fulfilling, joyful life. I'm passionate about Liv SXinney and truly want to share it with the world! It's such a gift in my life. I'm already looking forward to our next club meeting!

After a very busy week we've decided to get away for the weekend. Our kids are soooo excited! So I have to go pack now. I have to say how grateful I am for all of the many blessings I have been blessed with. I truly do love life to the fullest!!! Have a great weekend! :)
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