Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 17, 2008


Yesterday was one full day! We woke up early and headed to a horse show for my daughter's first horse show. We were all excited. I was a bit stressed I must admit because my husband didn't come home from work - literally! He worked through the night and was still at the office when I woke up. He always helps us get ready for horse shows, so needless to say, I missed him very much. But as always, my sweet, supportive little bro, Jeff, came to the rescue! He's such a stud!!! I don't know what I would do without him. I love him more than life, he's always been my best friend. So he came and helped us prepare for my daughter's big day! Lindsey also came with us, she also showed Pagie Girl. They both did very well. I was so proud of my princess, she took 1st place and 3rd twice in the english walk/trot classes, she did amazing!!! And to top it off she showed with her best friend. So it was a great way to end summer. This was the beginning of her new found love, showing horses!!! I couldn't be more pleased!

After we returned home we cleaned the barn and the house for a bit. I was exhausted! But there was no time for the weary, I had to shower and get ready for the Liv SXinney Star Event. I drove up with my dear friends Heidi and Angie, we had a lot of fun. Cori & Lorrie were incredible hosts as always, they're so kind to offer their gorgeous cabin for the events. There was a phenomenal guest speaker, Michelle LeSueurs DBe, CNC, CNS, she was awesome! She went over in great detail the health benefits of each ingredients in all of the Liv SXinney products, (Liv SXinney Water, cRave, Go, ClenzT & BloX). I absolutley love Liv SXinney and I am even more impressed than ever before with the product. It truly is a gift from above!

So there you have it! I sincerely want to share Liv SXinney with the world - literally! I want to help everyone I know become thinner, happier & healthier by living the Liv SXinney lifestyle... It really is so easy and so rewarding! I'm so grateful for Liv SXinney!!!!
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