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Well, this morning I woke up happy and rearing to go... however, last night I forgot to turn off my cell phone (big mistake) it notifies me when I receive an email and it went off three times during the night! Ugh! Silly me, I won't do that again... lol.

I want to touch base on a very important part of your daily diet, I'm talking about fiber! How much fiber have you had this morning? Any, a little or did you start your day off right with a bowl of Oatmeal or bran cereal? Fiber comes in two forms, soluble which dissolves in water and insoluble which does not dissolve in water, it's roughage. Your body requires at least 25 to 30 grams a day. Too much fiber will inhibit macronutrients to absorb into the body. When eating high quantities of fiber be sure to eat protein with it to aid in digestion. Another great benefit of eating high fiber foods is that fiber reduces the amount of grams in a carbohydrates per serving. For example if you eat a wholegrain pita which may have 16 grams of carbohydrates but has 5 grams of fiber, then the net carbs are actually 9 grams. Read the labels and buy the highest grams of fiber whenever possible.

Fiber not only helps move your system along but it is imperative for good health. It assists the body in many ways, such as it aids in lowering body fat, it lowers blood sugars, it aids in athletic performance, it aids in fullness of the stomach, as well as decreases intestinal inflammation. To increase your fiber intake try to incorporate fibrous vegetables in at least three of your small meals. Eat wholegrain foods, raw uncooked veggies, fruits, and snacks with high fiber, such as air popped popcorn. Start your day off right with high fiber cereal, hot or cold, along with some quality protein. And try to get in the habit of grabbing a banana or an apple as you go out the door. By doing so you'll have less cravings throughout the day and you'll have more energy too. Also, be sure to include cRave at least 2 times a day. By doing so you'll have 10 grams of fiber to go towards your 30 grams a day. So don't forget your fiber! :)
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