Thursday, May 29, 2008


To help with your midday cravings for munchies take cRave throughout the day. I suggest starting out with a packet in the morning, another at noon and then at midday. I want to snack on munchies around 2 to 4 pm, so I take a cRave around 1:30 pm to stop it before it hits. And then in the evening about a hour after dinner I take another one if I feel I need it. cRave is a phenomenal product on so many levels. I literally do not have desires for yucky foods anymore like I use to. My body prefers to eat clean when I take cRave. And of course you'll want to drink SXinney Water along with it. If you do this you'll have the perfect ammunition to fight off the sugary, salty snacks that we all love/hate to eat. You'll feel stronger, healthier and empowered by doing so! So don't forget your cRave! :)
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