Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May 21, 2008

Good morning,

Last night we had a ZXoom meeting at the corporate office, it was a great success. I'm still pinching myself that I'm one of the first to begin this incredible journey. I can't even express the gratitude I feel for this opportunity. I love everyone that has joined the ZXoom team. They're all seriously so cool! My best friend, Heidi, and I have so much fun working together. She introduced Liv SXinney Water to me, she's such a doll! We have fun talking about our dreams and all the fun things we'll do together with our families. The financial success I can make with ZXoom is literally a dream come true! And I dream BIG! :)

Well, today is a cold raining day! Ugh! I'm thankful for the moisture; but I'd rather it rain all night and wake up to the beautiful sunshine. And on rainy days I don't get to play with my horses... it's just not as enjoyable. But that's okay, I'll get a lot of work done from home... Listen to me, I don't even want to go outside... I'm so silly.... lol.

I signed up two people yesterday! I'm thrilled to have them a member of my Dream Team. They're both dear friends. And today I'd like to sign up two more. I believe in the products power of healing in addition to weight loss. So I want to tell everyone I know about how awesome Liv SXinney is! Within a short amount of time Liv SXinney will be well known. I'm so excited about the future!!! Life really is so good!!!

Today's Diet:

This will be my last log about my diet... I hope it's been helpful to those that read it daily. I did okay, I ate too many almonds though - I could eat them all day!

7:00 am SW, CRave, protein drink, bran cereal, almonds

10:45 am 6 egg whites, spinach salad, SW

12:30 pm orange, SW, CRave

2:30 pm cottage cheese & yogurt, slivered almonds,SW

4:30 pm light popcorn, slivered almonds, water

8:00 pm turkey, 6 egg whites, carrots & celery, water

So there ya have it!
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