Monday, May 19, 2008

May 19, 2008

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. I was sick for most of it with a horrible head cold - I'm still recovering. But I had a wonderful weekend. After church my cute sister and her family & my brother came over to celebrate my husband's birthday. I wasn't up to doing it so they brought all the food including the cake and ice cream! They're so awesome! The kids were in heaven playing together and the horses had a ball watching them in the back yard. It was really nice. Then after my sweet parents came over to visit as well. It really was such a relaxing day. The weather was perfect - I'm so excited for summer I can hardly stand it! I have to admit I often wish I lived in southern Cal to be able to enjoy sunshine all year round - I truly live for the sun!

Well, I'm happy to report that I ate clean over the weekend. I generally allow myself to have a cheat meal or day (depending on my mood) usually on Sundays. But I didn't this time. I think it's because of the SXinney Water & Crave. Normally I splurge when I eat with my family, but I didn't even have the desire to! I was very pleased. And since I haven't been able to workout lately due to my fatigue and not feeling well, eating clean helps me retain my muscle definition. I have to say again how grateful I am for SW & C, it's much easier to stay lean now. It sooo cool!

Anyway, I better get my little ones up and ready for school. Have a great day! :)

Today's Diet:

I did well today, but I still feel under the weather - I have a miserable cold! What a bummer. But it was a great day all in all! Here's what I ate today... I definitely needed more fruits & veggies, but my tummy just wasn't up to it.

7:00 am SW, protein drink, vitamins

10:30 am 1/2 protein bar, SW

12:30 pm Cottage cheese & pineapple, water

3:30 pm Almonds, orange, 1/2 protein bar, SW

6:30 pm Egg whites, cottage cheese & 1/2 yogurt, almonds, SW

That's it for now! I'll chat with ya later... :)
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