Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16, 2008

Hi there,

It's another beautiful morning, it's supposed to be a warm summer like day! I'm thrilled! I woke up with a soar throat this morning. I have to say that feeling under the weather is not fun when the sun is shining.... it makes me want to get out and play! But that's okay, my kids weren't feeling well last week, I probably just have the same cold they did. I'm sure I'll feel better once I drink my SW! ;P

Since joining the ZXoom team I have met the most amazing people! Most of which will be forever lifelong friends. I think about that a lot actually, I sincerely feel so blessed! I not only drink a supplement that is incredibly healthy for my body but I will be making really big money because of it!!! It's truly a gift from above. Its incredible that I'm part of an amazing company from the beginning - Liv SXinney launches June 1st. I have to admit that I was always gun shy whenever someone introduced an MLM company to me. I didn't want to be part of a company that was set up that way; however, I've learned so much since then... I'm so excited that ZXoom is a direct marketing company. I didn't understand the vast potential I would have in meeting so many wonderful people, helping thousands achieve their weight loss & health goals, and making a very large income to top it all off. How much better can it get??? I'm soooo happy to be a ZXoomer I can't even tell you! Liv SXinney Water is such an easy product to sell. I believe those that are in need of it will be drawn to it or I'll be led to them. And the most meaningful experiences of all is when I hear all of the miraculous success stories, they absolutely warm my heart and lifts my spirit! I love it so much!

Anyway, I just feel so grateful! I'm going to have a great restful day! :) Have a wonderful day!

Today's Diet:

Well, after drinking my SW throughout the day I started feeling better. And I ate better today too.

7:00 am SW, protein drink, bran cereal (without milk) & vitamins

10:00 am SW, cottage cheese & yogurt, & almonds

12:30 pm SW, cottage cheese & yogurt

2:30 pm water, protein bar & an orange

4:30 pm SW, crave, cottage cheese & yogurt, & an orange

7:00 pm chicken, brown rice & salad

So there ya have it! I'll chat with you on Monday... Have a great weekend!

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