Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008

Yesterday was such a great day! My husband had a wonderful birthday, he surprised us and came home earlier than expected. We had my brother, Jeff, and my parents over. We were able to have a small family celebration, which was fun and relaxing. We're still having a big bash for him on Sunday. We'll have a ball I'm sure! :)

Today is going to be a great day! I'm looking forward to a warmer day with lots of sunshine. Seriously, the warm sun make a huge difference in my life & health for that matter. I live for sunny days! It's my definition of heaven on earth. So today should be awesome!

I'm ready to drink my SW & C before I work out. I have to say, that SW is such a gift! I couldn't imagine my life without it now, as crazy as that sounds, but it's true! I really am under a lot of stress right now with my construction company, and since I've been drinking SW it hasn't been as difficult on me as it could have. I'm staying focused on happy, profitable thoughts; I'm sure our spec home will sell very soon. It frustrating in the fact that when I get stressed (which isn't very often) my chronic fatigue kicks in. And that makes exercising so much more difficult for me... but its all good! I'm deeply grateful for my good health and the learning experiences that are placed before me. And boy, have I learned a lot! :P

Anyway, I'm off to workout. I hope you have a terrific day!

Today's Diet:

I didn't do very well today... I was very busy and didn't plan a head. Preparing meals in advance is much easier to stay on track. I didn't really eat poorly, I just didn't get my veggies & fruits - thank heavens for SXinney Water (it's loaded with vitamins and minerals)!!! :P

7:00 am SW, protein drink, vitamins, & almonds

10:30 am Cottage cheese, yogurt, SW & C

12:30 pm Cottage cheese, yogurt, bran cereal (without milk) SW

4:00 pm Almonds, cottage cheese, yogurt, carrots, water

7:30 pm Protein shake, almonds, water, carrots, SW & C

Hmmm, tomorrow is a new day... I'll do better for sure, just wait and see!
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