Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14, 2008

Today's my sweetheart's birthday! We always decorate the house and have a family party in the evening. But he has to work late into the evening so we're going to have his official celebration on Sunday after church. We'll have our families over for a BBQ and games. It's supposed to be 90 degrees! Yehaw! I can hardly wait, it will be a lot of fun for sure!

I woke up feeling better today - yeah! I've been on the computer all morning working and I have a meeting at 9:30 am, so I won't be able to workout until later, which is always a bummer. I like to workout directly after my kids go to school. Having a designated time for exercising is what works best for me. I love working out sooooo much! When I miss it I it's always at the back of my mind on my to-do list.... that's why I like to have it checked off my list each morning. I'll just have to do it later this afternoon.

Well, I'm off to my meeting. Have a great day!

Today's Diet:

I actually did pretty well today I happy to say. I've ate every often which is great, and I made healthy choices... even on my hubby's special day.

7:00 am SW, protein drink, vitamins, slivered almonds

10:00 pm 1/2 c cottage cheese with a 1/2 yogurt, SW & C

3:00 pm Protein shake (my usual) with carrots, SW

6:00 pm Cottage cheese, 1/2 yogurt, carrots & almonds, SW & C

8:00 pm An orange, grapefruit & almonds, SW

There ya have it! I actually made a pinky promise with my kids to eat clean for one month! They're so cute, they think it's fun helping me with my fitness goals. It's now a family affair. :P
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