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6 Simple Tips to Stress Less During the Holidays

Tips to Stress Less

6 Simple Tips to Stress Less During the Holidays

As delightful as the Christmas season is, with all the decorating, shopping, family get-togethers, office and friend parties, gift wrapping and gift delivering’s, the holidays can be a bit overwhelming, to say the least! I used to get all frazzled with all I had to do when the holidays came around each year until I realized how damaging “stressing out” all the time was on my body. You, too, may feel the way I use to. But, not to worry, I have some easy tips that can make the holiday season stress-free and joyful!

Having an endless Christmas to-do list to top off your already busy schedule can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety; which is the last thing you want during the most wonderful time of the year. When you feel overly stressed it’s difficult to appreciate and take part in the magical spirit of Christmas and look forward to a happy and prosperous New Year.
Who wants to be weighed down with stress—specially during this time of year!? I know I sure don’t! Stress is a silent killer… not only does it dampen the magic of the season, but it also affects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When we’re stressed out our body, mind, and spirit are not in balance, which may cause us to feel ill, sad, worried, isolated, depressed and unmotivated.

Stressing constantly lowers the immune system and created “dis-ease” in the body. It plays havoc with your body in a myriad of ways; to name a few, it can cause health ailments, adrenal fatigue, sickness, sleep disorders, weight gain, confusion, anxiety, and depression. When you feel stressed-out all of the time it can be dangerous to your health. And, it takes away the splendor and wonder of the holiday season.

Tips to Enjoy the Holidays

To help you enjoy Christmas and New Year’s with less worry and more cheer, do the following tips until you feel at peace and more carefree.
  1. Love & Respect Yourself. Tell yourself “I love you! All is well..." several times throughout the day. Love yourself unconditionally—regardless of your faults or circumstances. Trust that everything always works out for your highest good. Loving and believing in yourself are the greatest Christmas gifts that you can give yourself. If you struggle with loving and accepting yourself, know that you're not alone. Many people struggle with having self-love. Thankfully, we can all learn how to, which enriches life and inspires us to dream big and go after them with gusto. Loving yourself opens your heart chakra to give and receive love, joy, and abundance. It leads the way to believe in your ability to succeed in all areas of your life. And it enriches family relationships and brings gladness and inner-peace more profoundly, which makes the holidays more meaningful. If you struggle with having self-love, I can help you discover just how magnificent and powerful you are! You really can live a ridiculously happy life--now and always! (I'm offering a  Christmas Special - 50% OFF my Transformation Coaching Programs throughout the month of December.) 
  2. Be Grateful. Upon waking each morning, before you get out of bed, give thanks to the good Lord above for the many blessings in your life. You can also keep a gratitude journal, that will help train your brain to notice the good things in life to be happy and thankful for. If you complain a lot, catch yourself, and say out loud three things that you’re grateful for. Having an attitude of gratitude will improve your mood and your life in wondrous ways.
  3.  Be optimistic. Release limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck in a world of negativity and despair. Replace negative thinking with thoughts of love, hope, peace, and happiness. Be open to the joys of the season. Rather than focus on all you have to do, make a short list each morning of things you would like to get accomplished and keep a positive attitude as you go about your day checking off your list. This will bring about feelings of contentment and peace. And, if you're not able to check off your list completely each day, that's okay, you can do so the following day. :)
  4. Be Charitable. Charity is the pure love of Christ. Giving of your time, gifts, and monetary means during the Christmas season not only lifts the spirit and helps those you are giving to, but does even more so for the giver—you! Give what you can with gladness and thankfulness for that which you have to offer—and soon you’ll discover that you will have more to be thankful for. It's a magical way to live all year long!
  5. Let Go of Negative Feelings. Practice emotional release exercises whenever needed. When you feel out of sorts, you can do various techniques to uplift your spirit and release stress. Try saying positive affirmations aloud with enthusiasm! Meditate for at least 10-minutes daily by focusing with faith, believing that you can create whatever you set your mind to. Keep a "Letting go" journal, write down what bothers you and next to the items written, write ways to resolve or the truth behind what's bothering you and then cross out the list of items that concerns you. You can also practice doing mirror work, which is speaking lovingly to yourself as you look in a mirror. It can change your conception of who you actually are--a powerful being of light. Another helpful tool to release negative emotions is to do EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) a.k.a. tapping therapy. I've had excellent success using it whenever I feel blockages in my energy (it makes me fee uneasy). My clients have also had phenomenal success by implementing EFT during their coaching sessions. (You can learn about the health benefits of EFT on my website at
  6. Focus on Christ. Relish in the true meaning of Christmas—the birth of Christ. Drop the last syllable of Christmas and you have the true meaning and spirit of Christmas--"The spirit of Christ". To ease your worries is to give them to Christ. Trust that He is with you with you always. He's always there with all the love and support you could ever imagine... if you but ask. Christ is the light of the world. The more you go about shopping and serving others with the true spirit of Christmas in your heart, the happier you will be and the more your radiant light will shine from within. And when your light shines brightly, you can’t help but feel better and less stressed! Which also uplifts and inspires others around you to feel happier and more at ease as well. Living from your higher self is truly a glorious way to live.
Remind yourself that innately you were created to live a joyful life. Resolve here and now to release the pressures of the season and relish in the spirit of giving and receiving. Relish in the time spent laughing and eating delicious feasts with your dear family members and friends. Give yourself permission to be at peace and to love and accept yourself fully with a heart filled with gratitude.

By implementing these simple tips, you will be able to take pleasure in the happiness of the season--stress-free--which makes for a more memorable and fulfilling Christmas and New Year! After all, it's the most wonderful time of the year! 


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