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5 Things Nobody Tells You about Successful Weight Loss

5 Things Nobody Tells You about Successful Weight Loss
Guest Post By: Evelyn Kail
With the fitness craze catching up, everyone wants to lose weight and stay fit. There are diets like vegan, vegetarian, and Weight Watchers that people follow with regular workouts. So finally they either reach their ideal weight or tone up.
Most of the articles on the web tell that losing weight will reduce the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. You fail to notice that they tend to focus on the obvious. People fail to mention the good and the bad things associated with weight loss. If you are looking for a resource, then Garage Gym Planner has a lot of article about fitness and general health.

So here is a list of facts that many fail to mention about weight loss.
1. You have to resist temptation

Dealing with food cravings is just as real as dealing with addictions. The initial weeks of your weight loss journey will be miserable. You will want to stay on track but, situations like get-togethers and weddings will have other plans for you. Your body will also crave for tasty food and to top that your brain will tempt you to fulfill old habits.
But the good news is once you get past the first few weeks, it will become easier. You'll stop craving for sweets and snacks that you used to want so badly. And once you achieve your target weight, the desire for “comfort food” will dramatically reduce. In short, you may ruin your taste buds to stick to your diet.
2. Damn you scales
You followed the perfect diet, workout routine and even pushed yourself each time to do more. But, no matter the perfect plan, scales showed you the same weight. You’ll end up wondering “What the heck is going on?” You will learn the hard way that no matter how good your plan was sometimes you won’t get the expected results.
One month you’ll lose weight, the next month you’ll have inch loss, and sometimes you won’t even lose half a pound. Don't fixate on the results because you’ll end up discouraging yourself. Keep in mind that weight loss journeys will always be a bumpy ride.
3. It is not an answer to your other problems
Besides having other problems, if being overweight bothers you, it might make things worse. So you’ll think that losing weight will make everything better. And somehow you'll even manage to lose weight.
Sure you’ll feel great; everyone will praise and gush over on how good you look. But do you still wonder “why do I feel empty?”   It’s because celebrities and fitness companies have given you the wrong notion that by losing weight you’ll become funnier, charismatic, and your worldly views will change.
Even though people lose weight, sometimes they still feel like the same old chubby person on the inside. It’s because losing weight will not resolve the underlying problems that you have. In such cases, you have to get help from a professional counselor.
4. Your body will have some reminders
When you’ve lost a considerable amount of weight, you’ll have certain reminders like saggy and stretched skin. Unfortunately no creams and change in lifestyle measures will heal them. Sometimes good things may come with certain strings attached. It may seem ugly to others. But, it’s a reminder that you have worked hard towards achieving something.
The problem is that you think only you go through it. There are many people out there with similar problems. In case if those marks and scars bother you then you can opt for laser treatments. It will make those marks and scars less visible. Beware, some of these cosmetic treatments are risky. So think twice before you get the procedure.
5. You’ll get mixed reactions
You’ll probably encounter a lot of mixed reactions from people when they notice changes. Few will be very supportive and encouraging. Others will feel threatened by your progress and probably discourage you by saying “you looked good when you were chubby” They will tempt you to eat junk food to prevent you from achieving your weight loss goals.
Keep in mind that no matter what you do people will discourage you and bring you down. So the only thing that matters is your determination to achieve your weight loss goals. So don’t bother about people who put you off.
Take one step at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. Most of us who want to lose weight quickly and opt for unhealthy diets marketed by fitness companies. There are many health hazards associated with it. Don’t go ruining your health just to lose weight. Bottom-line is you have to be patient. Nothing can be achieved within a day. Take small steps until you succeed in achieving your goals.


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