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10 Tips to Attract More Goodness in Life

10 Tips to Attract More Goodness in Life  

Do you want to attract more goodness into your life? Well, you can. It is your inherent gift from above to receive all the goodness that life has to offer that you long for, from love and well-being to abundance and success. Life has a limitless abundance of every kind to fulfill our lives with the richness of health, wealth and happiness.

All the goodness in life is yours for the taking. God created everything for us to thrive joyfully. We were meant to create our lives intentionally by the energetic frequencies of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 
You were created to live happily, healthfully and prosperously. If you feel that areas of your life are lacking, you have the ability to change what you don't like simply by changing your mindset to attract what you want more of to you. 

Doing so will shift your energy frequency that you radiate (energy always attracts like energy). By shifting your energy to reflect that which you want, you'll surely attract more goodness to you.

To help you do so below are 10 tips to attract the goodness life has to offer more copiously.
  1. Have an uplifting attitude. You can tap into the bounty of life more fully by having an attitude of gratitude, choosing to be happy, and have a positive mindset. When you have an optimistic outlook on life, you attract more to be grateful for. 
  2. Pick yourself up! When you have down times, it’s okay, keep in mind its part of life. It’s your higher self, letting you know that you’re off track of that which is designed for you. Simply regroup and reset your mindset to being thankful and optimistic even when things aren’t going your way.
  3. Love yourself completely. To enable you to embrace your divine inheritance, you must first come to love and believe in yourself completely. Practice doing mirror work each morning. Look in a mirror and say I love you! You're amazing! I love being me!
  4. Trust yourself. You can achieve that which you set your mind to because of the innate power you have within you—trust in your magnificence.
  5. Keep the faith. Have faith in heavenly powers that watch over you, knowing that you are divinely guided at all times. Connect with the divinity that is within you through prayer, scriptures and meditating. If you lack faith, pray to have more of it. Trust that God is over all and that everything always works out for your highest good. 
  6. You are deserving. Trust that everything you wish for is meant for you, that’s why you want it—it’s your higher self, helping you recognize what is destined for you. Know that you are deserving of all good things.
  7.  Follow your heart and quiet your mind. Your mind is not your higher self, it’s simply an aspect of your mortal body. The promptings your feel in your heart are leading you on the path that if filled with that which you long for.
  8. Look for tender mercies. Embrace the wondrous world around you, and as you do, recognize the tender mercies in your life. When you acknowledge synchronicity in your life, it remaps your brain to look for that which makes you happy. You will come to realize that God's love and care for you are indeed in the details of your life. In addition, pay it forward to help others receive tender mercies in their lives, too. 
  9. Stay laser focused. Stay incredibly focused on your goals and take inspired action daily to attain that which you want to achieve or obtain. Doing so, you will be able to receive life’s goodness more abundantly, just as God intended you to do.
  10. End your day with gratitude. Before retiring to bed write down what you were grateful for that day in a gratitude journal. And before climbing into bed, say a prayer of gratitude for the blessings you received that day. Then, as you drift off to sleep see your life as you wish it to be with gratitude and expectation that you will indeed continue to receive more goodness that life has to offer.
    By incorporating these simple tips into your daily routine, you will attract more goodness that life has to offer. 

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