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Ultimate Waistline Makeover Summit

      Ultimate Waistline Makeover Event

Happy New Year! I hope you and yours had a joyful and blessed holiday season! And are looking forward to an amazing new year.

If you gained weight over the past month with all the festive treats and delicious meals with family and friends, you’re not alone, millions of people gain up to 10 pounds on average during the holidays. But you’re in luck, the upcoming summit I participated in has answers to help you get back to your ideal weight.

I’m happy to share with you another awesome summit to help shed those unwanted pounds gained over the holidays. I, along with other top experts, will give you excellent tips and advice on how to shrink your waistline.

Take, for instance, you’re home alone, open the fridge and BAM.  There they are - a beautiful plate of brownies nearly calling your name.  Are they an evil temptation?  Or are they a treat that you may or may not choose to have right now?

Here’s a secret.  YOU get to choose EXACTLY what they mean to you.

If you’re asking yourself, “How on earth can I totally walk away and forget about those brownies for the rest of the evening???”, then listen up!

My associate, Jen Kennedy, knows your struggle, vowed to make losing weight EASIER. She has put together a phenomenal event you don’t want to miss.  Yes, it’s complimentary and yes, it’s loaded with exactly what you need to release whatever weight you want.

"Ultimate Waistline Makeover” will help you learn how to release pounds and achieve your ideal body weight and shape no matter how many times you've given up before."

She’s asked me to speak about one of my favorite topics, how to shed weight by coming to love and believe in all that you are. I am inviting you right now to take advantage of this life-changing event (her gift to you).


Because you’ll learn exactly what it takes to …

•          Manifest your ideal body weight and size and be completely open to all possibility with the power of your mind
•          Add weight-releasing minerals and nutrients the right way that will change your overall body shape
•          Learn the number one thing you must do to conquer self-sabotage
•          Reclaim your own personal fountain of youth
•          Learn what to do when results haven’t been as quick as you would like
•          and so much more…

Are you ready for your own Ultimate Waistline Makeover?


Don’t miss out. Grab your totally FREE Online Pass to this amazing event!   

With LOVE,

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