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Self-Love Revolution Series

Self-Love Revolution Series
Sit with me for a sec? I have something I want to talk to you about, because I care… and I think you should hear this.

How often do you feel sick? Or that your health is suffering from the late nights, bad food choices, stress and serious lack of self-care in your life?

How often do you go to work and say to a co-worker or friend, “I am soooooo tired today” as you reach for the second or third caffeinated drink, or worse, an energy drink? 

You think you’re being noble by taking care of everything and everyone around you, when what you’re really doing is neglecting yourself and slowly….oh so slowly, inch by excruciating inch, you are giving less and less of your best self to those around you.

No shocker that one day you’re going to wake up and your health has failed and you sit devastated and so far removed from who you once were.

It’s a fact, we are told from a young age, trained even, to put everyone else ahead of ourselves, and the women who do make self-love and self-care a priority are so often judged as being selfish or seen as a bad wife/mom/friend etc.

But when you create that SELF-LOVE ROUTINE in your life, what you’re really doing is setting the very best example for those around you, and setting the tone of self-love and self-care in your home. You’re also having a huge impact on your health and to those around you too!!

Wouldn’t you like that? To get through a day without feeling exhausted or stressed? How about not feeling guilty when you want JUST 10 MINUTES to have a bath…. Please!

Sounds like a dream, I know girl! I get it!


I know what it feels like to be stressed and tired, and grouchy, to feeling like I give give give and never take anything back because that’s what we think is right. Well, it’s not!

I know that having no time to take care of yourself depletes your ability to take of others.

I also know this… when you figure out what self-love is, and realize it’s not some mumbo jumbo new age thing but a REAL and tangible service to yourself, it will change your life.

I can’t tell you how many times I hear women say how learning how to take care of their needs has led to a happier, healthier and even sexier life. Yes, I said sexier, sister!

I’m all about huge transformations and this is one of the best and most transformative there is!

This is why I’ve teamed up with my colleague
Tina Christie, for the Self-Love Revolution Series!

Tina has called me to be an expert speaker in this REVOLUTION SOLUTION so you can begin or grow your path to self-love and appreciation.

I’ll be joined by 20 leading voices in self-love, self-care, vitality, mindset and more to help you on your journey to self-love and happiness.
For the Self-Love Revolution Series!
Hosted by Tina Christie, ND

Click here to join the Self Love Revolution!

In this free online event, we will be diving deep into what self-love is and how we can have more of this for ourselves. Also what does self-care look like? (It’s not all mani-pedi’s and girl’s nights!)

We go deep into what has worked for others and what might work for you… All of the experts who are joining me in the SOLUTION have been challenged by self-love and self-care and they have overcome and thrived once they figured it out! And so can you.

When we up-level our self-love and care to where it ought to be, our health becomes vibrant, joy increases and it’s ONLY from this place that we can truly create the life we love!

How long will you keep going through the motions, only to feel drained, like an empty shell, so far from your ideal happy self you would barely recognize her if she stood right in front of your face?
This FREE event is your SOLUTION.
Check out the details

No matter where you are right now, your view of self-love or self-care, this event has what you need to learn, create and change your outlook for the better.

Don’t miss this chance to join me and more than 20 other experts as create this Se
lf Love Revolution!

Click here to register for FREE!


P.S. Together, we are on a mission to change your life for the better, so you feel that joy and happiness you’ve been dreaming about!

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