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6 Tips to Shed Weight Fast with the Power of Your Mind

 6 Tips to Shed Weight Fast with the Power of Your Mind
Have you ever wondered why some people are healthy, happy, thin and empowered, while others are struggling just to get by? It’s because of their habitual patterns of thought are that which reflect their lifestyle and wellness. The power of your mind is what keeps you thriving or just merely surviving. 
To be one who thrives with joy and vitality takes practice and consistency in thinking with intention rather than allowing your thoughts to run wild with thoughts of feeling "fat" or being negative and doubtful.
Your body is an expression of whether you are feeling secure in your thinking or not. When you let your mind run a muck it causes confusion and stress, which induces weight gain and emotional hunger. It’s by being mindful of your thoughts and feelings that will “flip on the light” of your mind to see more clearly that which you want to create and manifest in your life—including having a leaner, healthier body and feeling your very best. 

Be mindful of the way you think and feel throughout the day. When you feel out of sorts, remember, it’s your body letting you know that you are not having thoughts and feelings that are for your highest good.
You have the innate ability within to move forward and take daily action to live your goals and dreams, but only if you choose to do so. We all have our ups and downs, it's life, but it's what we do when we're down that counts. When you have a down day, don't focus on what's wrong, decide to let it go and move on, then think positive thoughts that will inspire you to be more active and to be on track to complete your goals.
When you're positive and optimistic your body will shed weight faster. Having a positive attitude will keep cortisol levels down and you will naturally want to eat healthier foods and be more active. Your body is constantly communicating with you. It's letting you know when you're on track with your desires and when you're not by how you feel. The more stressed or negative you are about your body the more you'll crave junk food and will feel lackadaisical--that's not a fun way to live.  
To help you better focus your energy and attention on becoming your best, below are six tips to help you reach your ideal weight and size, as well as living a happy, fulfilling way of life. 
6 Tips to Shed Weight with the Power of Your Mind
  1. Stay Committed. Don't give up before you give yourself a real chance to get started. Releasing weight and body transformation takes perseverance, commitment, dedication and fortitude to stay motivated.  The more committed you become, the easier it gets, and the stronger your mind and body become. Believe you can achieve your ideal body weight and you will!
  1. Focus on Your Ideal Body. Let go of focusing on how much you want to “lose”, your subconscious mind doesn't like deprivation. Instead, focus on feeling “lighter” and “thinner” each new day. Let your body do what it does best by thinking how you want to be and not how you don't want to be. Be mindful of your ideal body weight and size; see yourself in your mind's eye as you wish to be. Your body will begin to take the shape on the screen of your mind to become your reality. Take it a day at a time, a pound a time, and appreciate the progress you make.  
  1. Love Your Body Now. Love the skin you're in. The more you love yourself, just a you are, the more your body will be in an environment to thrive in. Your body is your greatest gift from above; treat it as though it was your best friend. Love it, care for it, and think positively about how miraculous it is and all it does for you. Your body is perfection, it's a gift to cherish and respect by honoring your health and wellness goals and dreams. The more you love and see yourself as you wish to be, the more your subconscious will go into overdrive to make your desires a reality.   
  1. Live in an Attitude of Gratitude. Each day is a new day, a new beginning of you! Relish in the joy of life by exercising and being active throughout the day. Your body craves exercise, just as much as it craves food and sleep. Eating energizing whole foods that your body needs and requires to support lean muscle mass is highly rewarding, not only do you feel better but your body will release unwanted weight faster. To help you remember what to eat, remind yourself "If God didn't make it don’t eat it." Eat a clean diet full of lean protein, fresh veggies & fruits, complex carbs and clean fats to look and feel your best.  
  1. Think Intentionally. Be mindful of your inner-dialog thoughts and emotions, it will have a direct reflection on how your body burns or stores fat, in addition to the foods you eat. The more negative you are the more your body will crave sugars, fats and sodium. Overpowering emotional hunger will sabotage the best of intentions to eat clean. You have the power to change what you crave by choosing to have a positive attitude and an attitude of gratitude. 
  1. Look for the Good in Life. Always look for the silver lining in life; your body will reward you for it. The body doesn't like to feel fear; it only causes mental chaos and health issues. So give your body the gift of health by looking for the good in life. Make it a point to be optimistic and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Doing so will increase your desire to living a LivFit Lifestyle by exercising and eating clean regularly. Being positive is such a wonderful way to live and will improve all aspects of your life, including shedding weight faster by simply tapping into the power of your mind. 
By incorporating these 6 simple tips to shed weight with the power of your mind, you will have the willpower to succeed, and you will be empowered to believe that you really can achieve your health and wellness goals with less effort and ease.
About the Author:

Carol Whitaker is the author of Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams. Carol is a highly sought after Lifestyle Fitness & Life Coach, and is well-known for the amazing transformations she creates in her clients’ lives. Carol is a Motivational Speaker and is passionate about inspiring men and women to live a ridiculously happy life. Carol is an ongoing featured expert on national media and online websites. She is dedicated to helping people accomplish their dreams. Carol is a happily married mother of three. Connect with Carol on Facebook to receive her health, fitness & happiness tips and by following her on Twitter. Visit CarolWhitaker.com to learn more about her transformation services, along with tools and secrets to discover how to create your best life today.
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