Thursday, August 15, 2013


How to Believe in Yourself

Do you realize that you have the innate power within you to literally create the life of your dreams? You really can have that which your heart desires. The only one standing in your way of achieving your dreams is you! 

When you have self-doubt and fears you are energetically blocking yourself from attracting back to you that which you want.

To manifest your desires you just need to simply let go of self-doubt and replace it with faith. Faith is the key which enables you to co-create your life intentionally with God and His heavenly hosts above. 

You weren't created to suffer and to toil, quite the contrary, you were created to live joyously in all facets of life!  You were meant to have a life filled with love, joy, peace and plenty in all areas of your life.

Have Faith

Have faith by letting go of resistance (negative feelings) and come to understand that when you have trials, or what I like to refer to as contrasting experiences to help you know what it is you want, your higher self is just letting you know you’re off track to living a happier, healthier way of life. 

Believe that you were created to thrive happily! You must have faith in your ability to manifest your dreams. Remind yourself that faith always precedes the miracle

Listen to the still small voice within and follow that which you are inspired to do. YOU are divinely guided at all time. Believe in your magnificence, for you, are of pure energy and light. YOU were meant to fulfill your dreams! 

Become that which you want to be by being enthusiastic and savoring the deliciousness of life each new day. Your thoughts create your experiences so think with intention of that which you want to create. It's so much fun to do to have a dream and to see it come true. 

You deserve to live your heart's desires with joy and ease. Your desires are meant to be.  So embrace them with love, faith and thankfulness for that which you will receive.

by believing in yourself and walking in faith you will come to love life to the fullest and in return life will love you as it will be evident in all that you do. 

Com to trust  and love yourself fully as you walk in faith and soon you really will be living your dreams!

Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach
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